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Thread: Is everybody breaking out the footed pajamas???

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    Default Is everybody breaking out the footed pajamas???

    Hi everybody!

    Been a while since I posted. The cooler weather is arriving. Has everybody been breaking out the footed blanket sleepers? Where has everybody been getting them? Any older vintage footed sleeper finds?

    Stay warm!

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    I've been wearing mine after I change out of my work cloths to start relaxing. I've gotten a few Forever Lazy and 1 Simple Pleasures Footed.

    Staying Warm.

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    I have a few times now. But its only gone down to maybe 50F overnight so far too.

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    I have ever since i decided to buy myself a portable ac and put it in my room, since then I could keep it cool enough to wear whenever, which turned into always. The ac was at the foot of my bed so I don't make it insanely cold, but I feel it.

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    Starting to. Still a bit hot to wear them the whole day. Hopefully within a few weeks it'll cool down enough.

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    Yes. With 7 kids people sometimes donate us clothes. I ended up with a green one that my mom had given away but the lady said they were too small but did not have the heart to return them to my mom. Then we also have a blue one with a planet design. I have been wearing the green ones over my plastic pants all week.

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    It's not quite cold enough for that yet! My footie PJs also have a small hole in one of the feet. I might use that as an excuse to ask for a pair with a hood...

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    I thought about it tonight as it was chilly today in central Virginia. It will get warmer again, so I'm holding off for now.

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    A couple of nights, but I'm good at keeping myself warm even without them, so I like to switch it up between footies and regular pajamas.

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    I wore mine from the time I got home until I woke up this morning. With an Abena M4 and two stuffers. Nice and soggy this morning. Let's just say that I was not a big girl in my soggy diaper

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