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    I have a dozen old diapers that are kind of small,i think they were meant to be premmie diapers.these are two layers,one of regular smooth cotton and the other is terry towel material.i found these on ebay acutions.I keep them where I change diapers at,grab one wet it in warm water under the faucet,use it to wipe up after a night in very wet cloth diapers.when finished I just toss in my diaper pail and washwith my diapers on wash day.

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    Interesting use of a cloth diaper.

    My parents used old diapers for miscellaneous cleaning cloths but I don't think they used any for personal cleaning. I use regular baby wipes unless I am going to take a shower or bath.

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    I can remember years ago at almost every baby shower, the expectant mothers would get the flat cloth diapers. We always called them diaper wipers because you would use them when burping the baby to wipe up the burble.

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    Dogboy: Now that you mention that, I remember my parents using old diapers for burping my younger sister too.

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