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Thread: favorite type of diaper

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    Default favorite type of diaper

    Hey guys whats yoyr favorite type of diaper mine is store bought cause i cabt afford nothin fancy

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    Mine is abu cushies. Just love how it has all around designs.

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    Currently baby diapers because I can't order online yet, and they have better designs anyway XD

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    I'm into cloth, so I like the night weight, gauze pre-folds from the All Together Diaper co.

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    where can I buy abu cushies abuniverse is out of the mediums?

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    Cloth prefolds, mostly. I'm a big fan of the Changing Times twill prefolds, and I also enjoy using baby prefolds -- Green Mountain as well as vintage Curity -- for stuffers and for occasional makeshifting. Also, despite being far too large for them, I often use Pampers and Luvs for a "quick fix." There's just something about an actual baby product that's always appealed to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by qwertyqwerty View Post
    where can I buy abu cushies abuniverse is out of the mediums?
    *cracks knuckles*

    u can go 2 abu thats where there sold if there out of medium just get large it will still fit and u can mess twice as much bigger is always better right1

    In all seriousness, I like Cushies. Pity about the ABU baggage, though. If another AB/DL diaper maker steps up with a single-tape design, I'll be all over it.
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    Another cloth fan here with my favorite being flat flannel.

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    I like pull-up style disposable diapers and Goodnites. I feel they fit the best as they are made to resemble underwear. Their stretch abilities are very good as well.

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    Bambino Bellsimos hands down. They are one of the most expensive varieties but just one of them amounts to at least 6 depends or two molicare super plus.

    plus they are just so damn cute.

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    I have a few favorites for different reasons.

    I like the "First Quality IB (Institutional Brief)" because of the full padding design, super soft and quiet plastic backing, and price. They are perfect for wearing discreetly out in public. The only downside is that the padding can bunch up in the back over time.

    The next one is the NorthShore Care "North Shore Supreme Briefs" They are new to the market, but are comparable to "Molicare Super Plus Briefs", but are cheaper. I find that they are great for overnight wear, or in situations where you need to wear one diaper for the whole day. Even thought hey are thick, the super soft plastic backing is quiet; making for a nice discreet product.

    The last is the plastic backed "Attends Briefs" mainly due to price, but I find that the new tape design is not good; they just don't stay in place as well as they did. The tapes used to be the best I had seen, so I have no idea why they changed them.

    I really like a few others as well, like the Tranquility ATN, and the Molicare Super Plus. There are a lot I not yet tried as well so I'm sure there will be more added to my list of favorites when I have the money to experiment.

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