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Thread: Living like a year?

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    Default Living like a year?

    This is by far one of the most obscure things that I have found on this site, or anywhere for that matter. Basically, when I'm kitter, I like to live like its 2002, which was the year I started role playing, I was 9-10 years old. What this entails is using technology from that year (VCR players, CRT Television sets, palm PDAS, etc) and watch telivision programs or cartoons from that time period (old Spongebob episodes, PB&J Otter, pre-2002 kids movies, etc). I also like to listen to the music I liked (and still like) from that time period (Tom Novy, Dave Matthews Band, Boyz 2 Men, etc), and use older computers (my Imac G4 & G3 for example). Am I the only person who does this?

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    Welcome to my life. I like your concept. Appeals to my OCD side. When I do it, its not intentional to recreate an era, though. I do it because its anathema to let go of something before its totally worn out. The computer I'm using right now was my son's when he was still in high school in 2001. I have other, newer, equipment, but this one is in my basement man-cave where I have a high degree of privacy. It also stores my music collection, which doesn't require a lot of speed or processing power. For what its worth, my motor vehicles, bicycles, and audio equipment also all date to the last century. The turntable I bought in 1978 works just fine. Not a lot of miles on it, since I originally used it to make party tapes from my vinyl, and these days to convert used record shop finds to mp3.

    At the risk of sounding like your granddad, I bet I have shoes older than you!

    Mrs. Maxx isn't much better. She's got all the old Disney movies in VHS, so of course I have to keep a couple of old TV's and VCR's in working order. She says its for the grandkids, but I know better.

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    I'f I had the chance to physically regress I'd rather go to daycare/pre-school, whatever else in today's age. Better toys, baby/toddler gear, etc and stuff for kids like zoo's and stuff are a lot nicer.

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    Many of my college/late 60s music which I have on vinyl, I now have on CD. There are times I just have to listen to the old tunes. It has something to do with occasional depression, and the music takes me back to those times which also included some serious depression. It's like I have to purge those feelings in order to keep moving on.

    I'm also a big fan of old Charlie Chan movies. I used to have them on VCR and now have them on DVD. I used to watch them as a kid and get delightfully scared. In that vein, I have a lot of the old horror movies like the original Dracula and "Haunting of Hill House" on DVD. I watched them as a kid and they still make me feel young. There's a few I still need to get. (hides under covers)

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    I like the old movies, games and toys better than many of the newer things, although there are plenty of new movies, games and toys that look pretty good. However, I tend to watch movies on a new flat-screen TV and I can play with a newly produced 'old' game just as easily as the game from long ago (think Monopoly).

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    Ok, here is my littles room setup I have
    1995 Sanyo CRT Telivision
    1997 Sharp VCR
    Pre-2002 Off Air Cartoons With Original Breaks Intact
    2002 Imac G4 15"
    1999 Sony DiscMan CD Player
    Various CDs (Tom Novy, DMB, B2M, stuff from the early 2000's)
    My Old Nokia 3310 from elementary school
    Floppy Disks With Games From My Youth

    and to get the full effect, I pretend like its 2002 by creating an atmosphere similar to an early 2000's living room.

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    i would like to recreate my room from he 90's. race car wall paper, my old dial tv, bunk beds, my power ranger bed sheets and my little lego table

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    Interesting topic. I don't stay in one particular year, but I have days where I'm drawn to rediscovering things from a certain year (even some things I wasn't interested in at the time). 1999 is a popular choice for me. The year Manchester United won our famous 'treble' (which I still have the VHS of), Blink-182's Enema of the State which still makes me feel like I'm about 11 when I listen it, and the first year I really got into movies, watching South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut and Toy Story 2 with my older brothers. Usually it has as much to do with what cool stuff was around at that time, as it does with what age I was - which is significantly different to how I choose my AB age(s).

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    This is interesting, because when I was growing up, I watched a lot of old cartoons and movies and wondered where I could get toys and decorations like that! I thought a lot of these fantastic items were just made up for cartoons or produced for a "fancy" effect in movies.

    Now I know that most of it is just standard fare from the 50s or earlier, so I'd kind of prefer to be in a pre-TV era when I regress... lots of dollies and pastel-illustrated picture books. :3

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    I'm also fond of "vintage" equipment, though not specifically 2002. My daily equipment, being a tech fan, is of the newest, but on the place of honor is an entire Philips stereo tower, with an MFB amplifier, tuner, turntable, cassettedeck and cd player, coupled to a pair of 80s Philips towers with the ribbon tweeters. An Philips late 80s SVHS Matchline player, with an Aristona(Philips) CRT tv, Beneath it an 386SX computer, anymore vintage is hard to come by regarding computers. It's from 1987 I believe, 12mhz of pure processing power(without the Turbo activated) . Fully restored with the kind help(parts) of it's orginal manufacturer (or at least it's legacy). And working like a machine, only the hard drive is still on the bench waiting for some bearings.

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