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Thread: skin irritation from diapers

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    Default skin irritation from diapers

    so here is the problem that I'm dealing with I often wear diapers under my pants without any boxer shorts over them or briefs thus my diaper the part that is down between my legs often is rubbing up against inside of my legs. over time it can cause a blister and I find this to be very annoying I know that the regular boxer shorts that I have probably won't help that much. my question is what can I do to stop this from happening anything I can wear over my diaper or some stuff I can put on that area of my legs. any help or advice would be appreciated. I do have a furry cloth diaper that I can wear over it but then that makes things way too bulky plus it's very warm, so that's not really an option. Thanks

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    You might try tighty whiteys over your diaper. I wear full cut panties over mine and no problems.

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    Briefs, male or female type, work very well...

    The plastic on your skin is the irritation, sorta like heat rash....

    The other option is put something on the area like aquaphor or lanolin to help there...something as a barrier and allows the diaper to slide easily...I have used both in the past...

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    Try a onesie and also use a good amount of baby powder. Change frequently especially if you are wet.

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    Does talcum powder not work? I used to use this for normal chafing between my legs.

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    Ya I think what everyone else has said, baby powder/talcum powder should work. If you still need more, then just something to hold the diaper in place and cover it will help out a lot. Either a onesie or some briefs should work.

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    I use Athletes foot cream on my thighs/crotch area most times I put on a fresh diaper or taking it off after wiping off, it works for me better then diaper rash cream.

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