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    Hi there. I am a 52 year old woman looking for other women my age who need to and/or enjoy wearing diapers. I do need to wear them at night as I do wet the bed at times. I have been using disposables for that but it doesn't happen a lot (but I confess I like when it does) so I would like to switch to a reusable cloth diaper. So many choices but it seems to me a cloth with rubber pants may be the best? I don't like tight elastic on my waist so I guess Velcro would be best? I am in the US, can anyone recommend the type of cloth to use, a good night time system and which company?

    Thank you for your help. I have more questions but will wait til I feel more comfortable to ask. ☺️

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    Hello Soosieque and welcome to the group.

    Could you please take a moment and tell use a little bit about yourself such as your hobbies or interest.

    As for Cloth Diapers I like the cotton twill from

    Again welcome to the group.

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    The company that has provided me with a pull up All In One diaper and waterproof covering that breathes is The selection from Nicediaper is smaller than it used to be. They are from China and delivery can take a few weeks to a month. There are companies in the US that sell quality diapers also. One of the ones I like is They have a very nice cloth diaper.

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    Try Babykins, Changing Times Diaper Company, Adult Cloth Diaper, Fetware or Angel Fluff. All of them offer good solid choices in cloth diapers and waterproof pants. I prefer flannel diapers from Babykins and cotton twill diapers from Changing Times, but I have used many other products from all these companies and they are all good. Babykins makes the most comfortable pants (they make rubber pants too), but Gary pants (sold by most of the US distributors) are great too. A waterproof pant with wider and enclosed elastics will be more comfortable. Just make sure your leg and waist size fall in the middle of the range for a particular size. And, most importantly, never buy more than one pair until you actually get it home and try it out. Best of luck.

    post edit. I would avoid All-in-One cloth diapers. The reason is the waterproof material will fail long before the cloth. Also, it's easier to launder the diaper separately and get them clean. Dependeco makes a great PUL waterproof cover with velcro. I use these during the day. However, at night they will leak more than a high waisted vinyl pant that covers the diaper completely.

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    Happy Welcome Soosieque. Good luck in your quest. The folks here at ADISC will help for sure.

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