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Thread: Think I found my replacement diaper :)

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    Default Think I found my replacement diaper :)

    Got my Molicare sample pack yesterday & I have to say I am quite impressed with the comfort & capacity of the Molicare Comfort Super. It has the "breathable" sides but still has a nice soft plastic center & the fit & feel was awesome. Think I finally found my Abena M1, M2 replacement Anyone else ever try these?

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    I have get them now and then.
    I think they are a very good diaper to use. :3

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    Sorry but nope, I love the M4's! It's great that you received a new kind of experience but what exactly happened? Was it too tight? Not absorbent enough? Rough on your skin?

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    Since they stopped making the Abenas 1 & 2's in plastic backing I have been looking for a replacement. The pretend fabric that the diapers are made of now wind up rubbing me raw so wearing became quite painful. I tried the Tana slips super & max but I am at the upper end of the medium size & the Tanas are just a tad small. I got a sample pack that had the Moli's super & super plus. I was skeptical about the breathable sides on the supers but I was quite pleased at the comfort level & also kept me cool. I am active at home & work so the thinner lining is a must for me. I also have a herniated disc & the thick bulky diapers tend to aggravate my condition.

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    OK.......second test of this diaper was a disaster. Had them on all day at work where I do quite a bit of walking & they were feeling real comfortable. So I finally did a check & found that the bottom tapes both came lose & were not sticking at all. After a few attempts at refastening them I had to resort to duct tape. Now they were not so comfortable being on me proper. Later on I had hardly more than a few mill in the diaper over the course of the day & had to finally void maybe a 1/2 full bladder & it leaked pretty bad. luckily I was home by then. So 1 out of 2 was a total fail.
    I also tested out the supper plus over the weekend. It was on the thick side so I was worried I would have back pain but I was pleased at the fact that I spent the day out in the yard blowing leaves & mowing the lawn & never came near filling this one up. The plastic backing is the softest I have ever felt out of all the diapers I have warn over the years. The medium size fit well for me being on the edge of being a large. Maybe it will be a little more incentive for me to drop a few pounds :P

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