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    Default buying In shops in UK

    Hi, Im new so yeh, hi

    Anyways, I live near an Asda and a Tesco store here in UK. What nappies can I get (adult) in these two stores?

    Appreciate help guys

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    erm, none to be honest, i been looking for months when ever i am at them and they dont ever have Adult ones, just pull up TENA and pads.

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    From the Wiki:

    Readily available in stores: In the UK, there are two options: bed wetter nappies or adult/incontinence nappies:

    Drynites -- These are pretty much larger versions of the old style Pull-Ups. Available in the US under the 'Goodnites' brand. The girls version is better for any boy who has gone through puberty, because of where the landing area is. They are apparently also slightly stretchier.

    Cost: 9 for 5.34

    Available at: ASDA, Sainsburys, Tesco, Boots, etc.

    Freebies: Free sample and 1 off coupon

    Adult Nappies: Here the market is dominated by Tena, Poise and Boots' "StayDry".


    'Pants' -- The Discreet version of these are available in most Supermarkets, Chemists and Boots. They're not particularly absorbent, one wetting, two at a push... and they're not particularly discreet either. Not really that good. Eats up odor quite well though!

    Cost: 12 for 7.50

    Available at: ASDA, Sainsburys, Tesco, Boots, etc.

    Freebies: Free sample and 1 off coupon

    'Slips' -- These are found in the pharmacy at ASDA, a large branch mind you... and they're quite expensive.

    Cost: 28 for Approx 25 Available at: Larger ASDA's, with large Pharmacy
    So you'll probably be able to get some drynites, and you might be able to get some tena pants. Though neither of these are particularly good. So if you're lucky and the ASDA is pretty large, you might be able to fins tena slips. Which, I hear, aren't that bad.

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    thanks very much guys, ive actually had drynites (shorts and pants) but never female might give that a try, or might look for the slips

    Again thanks, now need to get to asda before it shuts at 10 Its a two hour bus journey

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    again thanks guys, but I only could manage female 8-15 drynites. Went up and down cosmetic aisles and they had nothing tena or anything. Where should they be? With the female tampons n that or elsewhere?


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    Usually in the pharmacy section, if there is one. Near the tampons etc. is a likely place, yeah. There's some chance they might be near the baby diapers if not. But it looks like the drynites might be your only option. You could check in local pharmacists or boots stores if there's anything like that near you. But there's not much chance you'll get anything better than adult pull ups there.

    Your only other option is ordering online. Depending on your situation, that may or may not be possible.

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    Yep Ill agree With Jack Boots is a fair bet they have fairly absorbent pullups and those ajustable pullup / nappy hybrid things. boots and some sainsburys sell depends products like the "Super Breifs". boots own brand pullups arnt bad - at 7.40 for 12 they represent good value and they sell PVC pants to conyain any leaks. neather boots or sainsburys have the amasing selfserve check outs thou, if u want more absorbency try using asda or tescos own brand size 6 nappies as stuffers!
    Drynites are on special offer at asda just now 2 packs for 8!
    have fun shopping, Dale
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