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Thread: useing new cloth diapers the first time.

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    Default useing new cloth diapers the first time.

    last Friday I received my first package of baby-pants night weight prefolds.I washed and prepped them for using.last night for the first time in my life,i wore diapers that fit me right.i used two adult prefolds with two toddler prefolds laid inside as soakers.i wet tested them for 12 hours,with no leaks,but soaked inside my comco plastic pants and dry all in my bed,lol.let me say I will expand my supply of these diapers,in my opinon these are the best by far I've ever worn.

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    Ah....welcome to the cloth side of the force. I too have a pair of Baby Pants cloth diapers and they're nice. They also look nice as well.

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    Yeah, cloth is really the way to go unless you don't have anywhere to store them when you need to change.
    Make sure to rinse them out soon after use if you can, it helps keep them from building up bacteria before you are ready to wash them. I like to rinse mine out while i'm in the shower, but you can kinda do it with a sink too. Doing that will help keep them nice much longer.

    It is so comfortable to be able to confidently wet your diaper while laying down and not worry about it running down your sides where it isn't padded.

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