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Thread: This is What Happens when you're Really Tired and Thinking About Diapers

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    Default This is What Happens when you're Really Tired and Thinking About Diapers

    I haven't had any diapers for a couple of months (getting some more soon) but have been in the "ABDL State of Mind" for a while (for example looking at different diapers and deciding which to buy, looking on the forum, watching ABDL videos like wetting/messing and reviews, etc). The other night I stayed up a little too late doing these things and I got really tired. When I was in bed, I somehow thought that I was wearing a diaper and almost began to wet a bit (Keep in mind I was half asleep)! Fortunately I came to my senses before I started wetting, but when I woke up the next morning I thought "Hey, where's my diaper?" So it will be very good when I have my new diapers and can actually wet while half asleep.

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    I've done that a few times. Half unconscious is more like it. Sometimes my dreams are so realistic I'm often confused when I wake up and realize where I am. Sometimes I would take my diaper off before I go to bed and when I wake up halfway through sleep with a urgent need to go, I start allowing it to come out before I notice I'm not wearing a diaper. Drops have escaped quite a few times. When I'm in my truck it's often hard to make the walk to the bathroom resulting in using a bottle or a less expensive diaper. I try keeping baby diapers on board for these moments but they often don't hold the capacity needed.

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    I found my Aldis baby diapers to be wearable, but do not hold much. Now I have to use them as boosters. It is much harder to tell if I need changed because I feel the baby diaper overflowing.

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