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Thread: Saving lots of money on diapers

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    Default Saving lots of money on diapers

    I use to always buy my depends at Walmart. Then, however, I was at a thrift store and saw some packages of diapers at a totally cheap price of $2.00 each. Did I snatch those up fast. Now, I kind of make my regular runs through the thrift stores seeking diapers. They are all not always Depends which is okay with me. I only buy at Walmart now if I should run out from what I find at the thrift stores.

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    Me too! sadly the town I just moved to is very scarce on thrift stores, but it gives me a reason to explore other towns. I've found some awesome diaper buys before though,
    I picked up a pack of plastic backed briefs today from a company that shut down in 1997! 22 diapers for 3.00. they don't hold much and are noisy, but I cant complain for the price! and I have to admit its kinda cool to be wearing at least an 18 year old diaper.

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    If your poor like me, you can get 250 diapers a month for free through Medicaid. Just need a doctor script

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    Quote Originally Posted by CPDude View Post
    If your poor like me, you can get 250 diapers a month for free through Medicaid. Just need a doctor script
    250 a month!? Wow! Even if I went through 6 a day I would still gave more than 100 diapers left over. How often do you change?

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    I went a full year, not buying my diapers retail. There are four thrift shops near the house. For a while, the always had diapers.

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    Wow !!!! Never knew Medicaid would pay for diapers. I certainly have to look into that. thanks so much for the great tip!!!

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    I work in pharmacy and have seen scrips for diapers. The vast majority of private insurance companies won't cover them but government plans will cover just about anything from condoms to vitamins to diapers and actual medication.

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    In the UK if you are incontinent you get them free on the NHS once you've been assesed by a continence nurse. I get Tena extra pads for daytime use and Maxi pads for night time.

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    When I was working at a nursing home we had to check diapers and ask the elderly if they needed the bathroom every 2 hours. Granted they werent always wet, and never very full.

    250 diapers a month sounds like not enough for them. However I did feel like it was a big waste of diapers the way things were run there.

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    Thrift store by me sells depends all the time for 2.50 a pack. Been going there for years. If you live in the Tampa Bay area, Port Richey, Florida called "the angel store"

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