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    Default Northshore care

    Hi all
    I'm trying to find out if northshore care will ship to the uk
    As I'm very interested in the new products there bringing out
    (1250 youth brief )
    Any help

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    Bby, there's a thread that Adam from North shore is replying to questions here. It's under the North shore sample.

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    Hi I've looked through that thread
    I just can't find any info where they ship to and was hoping someone may know

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    There are several posts listed there to get in touch with Adam. He is their customer service rep and is very good. The e-mail he lists is [email protected]. Send him a message and he will be able to answer. You have tried looking at their site too, right?

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    Hi thanks for the replys
    He's told me that they can't ship to the uk
    Really wanted to try the 1250 youth

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    You might be able to find someone here that would be willing to forward them to you. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, I'm sure there are mail forwarding services that will ship it to the UK for a higher price.

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    Thanks for the tips
    I have put a thread up askin for people opinions on any other diapers like it but I that fails I may have to try and get some forwarded

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    For me, the closest I have found to the North Shore is the Dry 24/7. Not sure if that is shipped to the UK or not, but worth checking out as it is a great product as well.

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