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Thread: pads, underwear for slight needed

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    Default pads, underwear for slight needed

    I have a prolapsed rectum, which used to cause leakage from my anus, but now the leakage is gone, but I have a discharge of small particles from my anus

    I have been to many colorectal surgeon, they dont recommend surgery, so, I have to deal with it

    products on the market are bulky for everyday use, I would like to know about some, thinnest, widest and longest pads or any protective underwear with light absorption

    and also, are there any open front underwear, that facilitate male urination?

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    I was reading that these work very well, B-Sure Anal Leakage Pads. The pads are very thin. If you want the long IC pads go with these, Abri-San Incontinence Pads. I use the Premium Midi (9x18") when I am out in public or at work. The pads work great and are thin too. Here is a link

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