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Thread: Moving :D

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    Default Moving :D

    Well i get to move back to VA, after living in this cold industrialized husk of a city for 2 years. Something about my ddads job...wasnt exactly certain why.
    Point is i get to see all my old friends again!!!
    Havent told em about bein a TB and dont plan on it. Never really had any uncomfortable situations about it so I see no real beneficial reason to.
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    It's always nice to see your old friends. When I was 13 we moved to Arkansas, then when I was 19, I decided that I was gonna move back to Kansas . I have quite a few friends here, and not that many in Arkansas.

    Anyway, I hope you have a great time with your old friends.


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    I wanna move to a different part of Va...the non boring part .

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    Yay indeed!
    The rolling hills, the trees, the non-carcinogenic air, i could go on and on.
    Even gonna miss NY

    Although i am glad i dont have to live in fear of a mugging anymore :P
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    Yaya for rural Va...the rednecks, the drunks, and the impatiants

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    By the way. KenzoChan. (Cute avatar.)

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    Thank you!
    At the risk of tarnishing my TBDL street cred, I didnt make it.
    But I guess that was kinda obvious

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    Your welcome. Who ever made that avatar did a fantastic Job

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