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Thread: What should I write next?

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    Default What should I write next?

    Alright, so right now I'm at a creative crossroads. I have three stories I want to write, but it would be unfair to readers to have to wait for updates as I write for three different stories.

    So I want your input. I made a blog about this, but it got to little input to really help my choice. I have no real preference for which story to write, so I'll just jump right into it.

    Treehouse: Part 2 to be exact. If you want to read part 1, you'll find it in my sig. Part 2 will pretty much expand the role that Chad and Erica have to play in the world of Novalen users. Of all three stories, this one is the most in depth plot wise.

    Casting more asparagus: I just posted the first chapter of this story a few days ago. The whole plot of this story is fairly loose, involving an evil empire that is trying to get out of a hyper-pyramid scheme, and the three heroes that have to stop them. Imagine a Terry-Prattchet-esqe story.

    Some asparagus on the side: (When ever I don't have a title for a story, I put something about asparagus in it) Anywho, this story is going to be real. As in, there won't be magic, Neptune won't raise from the sea and hand out mighty quests, the sport illustrated swimsuit team won't pop up and do random diaper stuff. This is just going to be a story about a relationship between two people, one of whom is an AB, and how that works in their relationship.

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    I think some asparagus on the side is something that needs to be written because we need more stories and pieces of writing explaining how an AB relationship works. Explaining that we're not all the freaks that people make us out to be and that its ok to be ourselves.

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    I agree with care a lot, people need to be aware what it is really like for infantilist.

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