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Thread: Issues with partner

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    Default Issues with partner

    Hi everyone
    This is a question for all little's with partners
    My partner is very accepting of this part of me ( she says she has no problem with it )
    But no matter how much I try to tell her she will not help me
    As with me being little I feel I need more attention and more security
    Yet she dose not help
    I understand it can be a lot to ask
    But what can I do to help her see that I need these things to be happy

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    first of all, what are you asking her when you say you ask for her help? are you saying:
    "I need your help for me to regress..."
    "I need your help changing my diaper..."
    "I need your help feeling small by cuddling while I'm dressed baby like..."


    The thing you are asking her may be either too much for her to handle such as a diaper change, or you might be asking her too broad of a question that when you ask for her help, she thinks of a whole bunch of things that she feels uncomfortable with that she thinks you are asking.

    So, how descriptive of a question are you asking her?

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    I'm asking her to help me to be happy by being supportive and understanding that I need a little more attention than most eg more cuddles
    More i love you's
    more reassuring that I'm not weird

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    What does she respond with after asking for those things?

    She also might be questioning what "supportive" means. Sometimes the best way that I have heard of getting through this type of thing is to talk about what kind of activities you would like to do with her just so that both of you can get a basis for what is too much and not enough.

    I have only told one partner about my little self and it ended up in an ended relationship so I don't really have any good experiences with it, but you also have to remember the girl I was going out with had some seriously crazy outlooks of her own.

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    Tell her you are willing to enjoy this a few time per week as I. Our relationship is good.

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    Test the waters first, start off slow and do not push her into something she doesn't want to leap into. First see how far she wants to go with it and feel comfortable doing it. Don't pressure her and tell her it will just spice up the the sex life. See how far that goes

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    dlman23 - That sounds like pretty good advice. - What may be troubling Her is the idea of having a partner who becomes an emotional "dependent". - Any relationship, even a friendship, isn't all about me, Me, ME, MEEEEE - its about us, Us, US, USSSSS - So You've got to compromise, or negotiate, some understanding to show Her that Your ABDL interests are something that You want to share with Her in an affectionate way that fulfills Her adult needs too. - That will mean listening to Her needs and desires.

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    My wife accepts me, enough to buy me cute things like plushies and onsies, training pants, etc. She's not especially comfortable verbally recognizing my "littleness" when I'm in my "little" persona. I'm sure it's because she sees me as the man of the house, so to speak. I can understand that and so I don't push it beyond her comfort zone. Sometimes you have to make certain sacrifices, and if you can still wear diapers and baby clothes around your spouse, things really are pretty good.

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    dogboy - yup - or after She learns how much She enjoys being pampered and babied by You

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