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    Default Zombies run!

    Anybody tried or is using this running app?

    I can highly recommend it to anyone wanting to add some excitement to their cardio workout. Itīs great fun and I found it really motivational to get out there and run. (Nothing adds motivation as having zombies on your trail!)

    For those that havenīt tried it itīs kind of hard to explain why this is as great as I am trying to pass it of as. Have to be tried to experience I guess.

    Here is an youtube video advert:

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    I downloaded this right when the app came out!! Very fun. I was never much of a runner but I love The Walking Dead and I was curious. I don't use it much anymore, my progress was deleted when I had to restore my phone and then I lost all motivation. I should really keep it going, though. I can safely say that this app got me into running, and I've now completed 4 Half Marathons and 2 10 mile races in 2 years.

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    I downloaded it, shortly after it was released. I haven't been able to use it much tho. I don't have the time to run like I once did. But yeah, it's a really good app.

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    Wow! This looks well cool!

    Just about to start getting back into running again. Sounds and looks fun. Zombie attacks coming to Scotland...


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