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Thread: Best Thing Since Sliced Bread...

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    Red face Best Thing Since Sliced Bread...

    ...ready made fursuits for under $60.00? Yes, you heard me right, ready made fursuits for under $60.00 on amazon, and yes, I bought one! It cost me under $60.00 INCLUDING shipping from Minnesota off of Amazon. I am so pumped right now, it should be here by next Thursday or even before that, yay for me! Here is the link:, they have other styles too, and for less than $60.00? Best.Thing.Ever

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    Very nice. You'll have to let us know how you like it. Careful wearing that for too long. They get super hot. I've got something similar that I got as a Halloween costume. I've got an ice pack vest, that I wear with it, to help keep cool. I don't wear it much tho.

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    Oh, it's a mascot costume. I see those for sale every Halloween.

    Actually, that one doesn't look too bad, though that tail needs improvement, and the head is too nondescript to be someone's character.

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    Congrats on the purchase! It sounds so exciting! It's always so fun to get something that you want so very much! I hope it's everything you are hoping for and more and you have tons of fun.

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    Is this your first fursuit? If so, make sure you wear light clothing underneath, (preferably something that will keep you cool and wick away sweat), drinks LOTS of water (and I mean lots!), and make sure you can see before going out in public. And remember to have fun!

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    Yes, this is my first ever fursuit, what clothing would you recommend?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kitterdafoxy View Post
    Yes, this is my first ever fursuit, what clothing would you recommend?
    I use Under Armour heatgear and a pair of gym shorts to keep me cooler. Ice vests are great investments if you plan to wear it often/long term.

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    Taped is right. Make sure you wear something very cool underneath. I made the mistake of wearing a wool coat and long pants for a costume without bringing anything to cool me off. Whoops.

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