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Thread: What has Changed?

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    Smile What has Changed?

    What has changed from the time you were young, to now? Pertaining to yourself, of course. From outer appearance, to personality? I think this will just be a fun 'lil thread. Pictures are fun, but if ye don't want, or can't, post pictures, descriptions are always fun, lol.

    Well I don't think I look all to different from when I was young, (picture below.)

    My personality is basically the same. I like to smile, laugh, and hang out with people older than me, lol. The only thing that has changed really is the fact that I'm a lot more outgoing, back when I was younger I was pretty shy.

    So post about yourself! :P

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    Aww c'mon! I think this is pretty fun, lol. I love looking at baby pictures, and hearing baby stories about all the cooky things I've, and others, have done!

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    I'll have to find one... I think my parents have them all in boxes somewhere, and I don't live with them anymore... this could be difficult.

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    But YOU had one... I don't like not being the best... *pouts*

    Well I'll work on it.

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    I'd post pics if I had any I'm much much different now

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    yes she is! totally cutie! i dont have pics of me, im ugly but what has changed is i used to have long hair always, now its a buz cut, i used to cry all the time, now i only cry inside :P umm... i havnt really grown up at all.

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