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Thread: Oct. 7th 2014 NEW INTRO.

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    Default Oct. 7th 2014 NEW INTRO.

    Hello! My name is Nathan.
    I am a DL and I am new to my obsession.
    Confused, scared, and want to learn more.
    Happy to have found this welcoming and informational forum full of members.

    I'm 21 years old, Male, have a boyfriend (of 2 years), love diapers (dry), and live in San Diego, California.

    Not sure what other info is standard for me to introduce myself with, so I'll be keeping a close eye on replies!

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    Good intro, but would you mind telling us more about yourself? Like hobbies, and other likes besides diapers.

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    Okay! I'm a really sweet guy with a big sensitive heart. I love to watch movies and snuggle; December holidays are my favorite because of the innocence and awe inspiring atmosphere. I love nature, being outdoors, spending time with my boyfriend, friends, and family. Love the sound of frogs and crickets at night. I like swimming, tennis, golf and fishing.
    I am an Entrepreneur, a big brother, a little brother, an uncle, and a reliable friend. I just started working for The Home Depot today!

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    Hello Nate7. That was a good introduction there! What would you like to learn? Be advised there are other Forums on this site that can teach you lots of things so I am more likely to redirect you to another thread just so you can get answers to those questions. Also Please tell us more about yourself and what else you happen to like besides diapers. Do you like playing Table Top games like Warhammer 40k? Do you like to go skiing or any other outdoor sports? Just remember 1 thing you do not have to tell us anything that you are not comfortable sharing with us. Welcome to ADISC!

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    Love mountain biking, surfing, sleep, music, languages, horticulture, ethics, science, psychology, the rain, the shine, documentaries, recreational drug studies (science. I don't like drugs), I like essential oils, I belive in the law of attraction (be careful what you wish for), oh! And animals. No matter what they always seem to favor me and I love them; all types. Have two cats and they are awesome. They play with water and they aren't afraid of vacuum machines, haha.

    Like I said in a previous post, I have a boyfriend. So another big part of my life is that I am gay.

    I actually am interested in talking about that.
    I told him about the diapers and I am not sure if he will let it slide. (Even as miniscule as only to bed) and on top of it, he knows it would be an underwear replacement for bedtime; no dirty diapers.

    Maybe someone can help direct me to an area where that is the topic?

    I am also interested in making 'friends' on here!
    Also want to understand if this is psychological, a crutch for something I am missing, etc.
    I may have OCD tendencies. Is that related?
    Not sure..

    All I know is that I'm not wearing a goodnite right now and I feel sad.

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    Don't be scared! We're all here for the same reason. I am a bi female and proud of it! Have fun and play! Play with your boyfriend and enjoy your fetish. There is NOTHING wrong with your fetish. NOTHING. Everyone has fetishes. Some keep them hidden and ignore they exist. The rest of us accept who we are and enjoy ourselves to the fullest! As for your boyfriend, just take baby steps. Don't push the issue too hard. But, you are who you are...

    Have fun!

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