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    Long story short, you can only have so much fun coloring in a blanket fort, and I'm trying to find some other fun things to do while I'm little.

    I kind of like the idea of my Larvitar plushie rampaging through a city of legos are on my to get list.

    What do you guys like to do when you're little, and do you have any toys you would suggest?
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    Pokemon figurines living in a city of Lincoln Logs. I did that when I was an actual kid, and it's one of the things I'm likely to do again next time I get some little time.

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    I would really enjoy playing with my legos in a blanket or pillow fort, also watching my favorite cartoons like digimon while drinking from my bottle and playing ratchet and clank videogames would be the best.
    Maybe you could watch your favorite cartoon or movie while in your blanket fort, cuddling with your plushie after you destroy that city of legos with him :P

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    I like to play stuntman with my toy cars and wood blocks. Get a good tower built, and run the toy car up a ramp, sending it flying into the tower. What little boy doesn't love that kind of chaos?

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    I like to play with my boats in the bathtub whenever I have time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilran View Post
    I like to play with my boats in the bathtub whenever I have time.
    Bath toys are a great call! I recently got a set of ocean-themed bath squirters (with a seahorse, a starfish etc.), and they're the cutest little toys. Bubble bath is also great fun to splash around in. Finally, on a bath theme, hooded towels are so cosy, and perfect for feeling little between bathtime and bedtime.

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    I've done some playful makeup and hair stuff when pretending to be little. Playing with stuffed animals can be fun too, or watching movies from when you were actually little! Like disney movies and stuff.

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    When I'm little I play with my stuffed animals. I plan on purchasing some Lego soon though, because my god, Lego is so much fun.

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    Legos are awesome.. till you find one you miss in the middle of the night, bare foot :P

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