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Thread: Up & Up baby wipes scented review (Target brand in Canada)

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    Default Up & Up baby wipes scented review (Target brand in Canada)

    Usually, I grab the Parents Choice scented baby wipes at my local wal-mart, I love them and use them from a long time, but I decided to see if I could trust the wipes at Target and got a big pack of 3 bags that have a hard plastic system on top, I must say, they are awesome and the scented perfume is really strong and nice. they are around 1in smaller than the Parents Choice but they do a pretty good job at cleaning myself (I must also add here that I use it to clean myself after pooping on the potty, never ever liked any kind of bathroom tissue) they do a really good job, anyone here use them, any other brands I should try to get my hands on besides the Pampers/Huggies branded ones that I always find to be not wet enough even with a brand new pack.

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    I've been using the Pampers baby wipes. I don't use them often, but if I've decided to be wet during the day, and have to work at night, I'll get cleaned up, obviously, and I sometimes use the Pampers to make sure I don't smell. This refers to just wetting my diaper. Even so, I don't want anyone to know, especially at work. That said, I like Target as a store so I might someday try out their baby products.

    I do like J & J products when it comes to baby oil, powder and lotion. They have that reminiscent smell most of us grew up with.

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    I have used Pampers and Huggies baby wipes and wipes not specifically targeted to babies (I think it was from Cottonelle?).

    I often take a shower or bath after using a diaper so I do not use wipes all the time.

    All the brands seem to do the job well enough that I base my purchase on what is on sale and/or what coupons I have at the time.

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    The scented Pampers wipes are my favorite. The scented Target store brand work well also. The big thing is to get scented in the largest wipe available. 7" x 6.8" or bigger is good. Most grocery store have a scented store brand that work well. To me the It is great to use them to "wipe down" after doing no. 2 in the potty and even to freshen up anytime.

    B Aby

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