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    Hey whats up babes and fashion entrepreneurs i'm new here and just wanted to say hi and open with a poll. What is your favorite generics disposable diaper and why. Mine are CVS overnight briefs. there comfortable hold together and are the right price..( i don't work for cvs) Thanks all.

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    Not sure if they classify as generic or not, but the IB brief that first quality puts out is decent. It reminds me to a degree of how a lot of the generic disposable diapers were before they all went cloth backed. I usually just throw an abena maxi in them and they become more like a normal diaper. For actual generic briefs, they are pretty much all the same, CVS does seem to be the better of them though. I really don't have much of a choice where I live, walmart, cvs, or walgreens as far as generics are concerned. Sams also carries some, but I don't even think those are worth a try, I hear they used to be a lot better.

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    I'm assuming generic covers brands you typically find at the drug store (unless someone has found NoName or discount packs of "various grade adult underwear" lol)

    At least up here in Canada, the Tena Super Briefs are a decent go-to. Cloth backed and no standing leak guards unfortunately, but they don't weep at all, like some cloth backs, the odor protection is fairly good, and they hold a surprising amount. Swell up pretty nicely, and the wetness indicators aren't too intrusive on a green colored diaper (actually getting kind of attached to the green color).

    They'll go on sale for $12 a pack sometimes, which is nice.

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    What counts as generic? Something that is not abdl?

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    I'd be able to play this game since I'm okay with thinner diapers but all the low end stuff I know of has gone over to the dark side of cloth like covers. That's pretty much an unforgivable diaper sin in my book and unfortunately rules out a lot of cheap diapers.

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    I usually buy the bulk packs of briefs from Sams club, it's like 40 for 25.00 They are the cloth backed kind which I cant stand, but they are good for around the house if I'm wearing for comfort or not too worried about leaks. The best ones I've had though were some kind of generic single tape plastic briefs I found at a thrift store a few years back. they were in a plain white pack with no name on them. they didn't hold anything, but they were the softest diapers I've ever worn.

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