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Thread: I got caught...but in a good way?

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    Default I got caught...but in a good way?

    So yesterday I got caught by my twin brother. My twin brother is my best friend and we tell each other everything but I could never have the guts to tell him about diapers.

    He confronted me during dinner and said "I know what you have in your room. I really do not care. Whatever makes you happy, I am not here to judge."

    Then I proceeded to get very awkward and introverted because I didn't know what to say or do. But he kept on reassuring me he won't tell anyone and this could our little secret. By the time the cloud of awkwardness lifted and I was feeling more comfortable he went on to tell that:

    "You don't have to hide them anymore. Just keep the wearing inside the apartment."

    He even proceeded to ask if he could try one. Which I was kind of shocked. I gave him one last night and he told me the next morning he thought it was ok. But I went onto tell them how I feel about them and how they make me feel (I don't use diapers for sexual purposes). So now my brother knows I am a diaper lover.

    But the result of this confrontation had its benefits:
    1. I don't have to hide my diapers anymore.
    2. I can wear my diapers openly.
    3. I think I may have someone who could possibly chip in on diaper buys if he starts to enjoy them.

    Now, only if I can tell him that I am more than just a DL but am also an Adult Baby too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by User27983 View Post
    Now, only if I can tell him that I am more than just a DL but am also an Adult Baby too.
    I think that since he was completely open and curious about the diapers, he probably wouldn't mind the AB part.

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    Very interesting indeed. First time I have honestly ever heard of a family show down having any kind of positive coming out of it. Please keep us posted. I say it's the TWIN factor. I totally see how that could make a big difference. I bet you guys were like glue when you were young? This could be a very very good thing for you bud.

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    I would still hide them in case company comes over.

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    I would still hide them in case company comes over.
    They are hidden in a draw in my room and closet. No guests go in my room.

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    Our brothers are kind of the same we are really close and we are the best of buddies and we tell each other pretty much everything and we we will always help eachother help when needed, but we are not twins. When my brother found out about me being and AB/DL he just asked about it up front and I was scared out of my mind when he did. But I told him it wasn't awkward at all and that was that. I am a little more open about it but I do it in a way that is confined mostly to my room and I always cover up my diapers around him.
    And I know for a fact he has no interest in it at all.

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    Theres no way to express the amount of "AWW..." In that short post of yours. the AB part is a natural extension of diaper wearing so I will guess he already assumes youre AB.

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    Glad to here everything is ok I wish I had someone I can talk to that's close to me, best friend or brother I can talk to. I hope everything will remain the same between you guys. HAPPY DIAPER DAYS TO COME ..

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    Good for you. Happy everything went OK. This should make movie night more fun.

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