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Thread: Bought my princess new training panties

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    Default Bought my princess new training panties

    Since my princess has been such a good girl, i bought her trsining panties and a new binkie to add to her collection. She choose the butterfly training panties with matching pvc panties. I will have to snap a picture or 2 when she gets them.

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    Aww that's sweet I'm sure she will enjoy them!

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    Somebody got new big girl panties today.

    I think she will love her binky tonight
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wow, thanks for this quick picture, I was curious to see what they looked like in real and not just the pictures they have on their website, wish I could see the thickness of them, that is my main major concern and why I've not ordered them yet, I want to see the difference between the two type of thickness they offer, also sizing is a problem, waist is around 40 but with a 40 sized pair of pants, I need a belt to hold them on or they go down quickly.

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    these are a xl and fit perfectly she has about a 42" waist and they are perfect they thickness in that of a typical diaper for the my first trainers

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    A DOOR able! She's lucky to have you. Congrats! I have the dinosaur ones, and matching pants. Go get um, tiger!

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    The plastic pantiesbare next if she proves she can't be a big girl durring the day time

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    They are very thick! Padding in front is similar in size to Abena L4. From my point of view

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    With glee she told me she was a big girl last night when she was getting her night nights on. The bed is well protected if she has a "accident" and daddy has her punishment diapers ready....
    Click image for larger version. 

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    and yes she loves her size 6 binky

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    Are those from BabyPants? How is the fit on them? Buy one size small like their onsies? I want a pair of those so bad!

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