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Thread: Invent your own diaper!

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    Lightbulb Invent your own diaper!

    Wouldn't it be cool, if you could design and produce a perfect diaper of your own? What features would it have?

    - With tapes or pull-up?

    - What material is outer cover and what color?

    - Would it be plain white, or have some patterns?

    - What kind of front panel / landing-zone? With cute pictures like in baby diapers or something else?

    - Elastic waistband on front, maybe back too? What about leg cuffs? Or stretchy sides?

    - What kind of tapes? How many / what size / where are they located?

    - Would it have a scent?

    - How big would the diaper be overall?

    - Thick and bulky padding? How wide is the diaper between the legs?

    - If you could also design it's packaging, what would it look like?

    Post your design in the comments below

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    - My diaper line would have tapes

    - Plastic of course

    - I would go white, but not opposed to cute patterns

    - I would have a tape landing zone, easier for adjustments and such, also keeps the diaper from tearing, would have cute babyish pictures

    - I like the front and rear elastic waistband, standing leg gatherers are a must in my opinion

    - My diaper line would have 1 or 2 big tapes, I dislike the 3, they would be on the back panel in the appropriate positions

    - A diaper just isn't a diaper without a fun babyish scent

    - Snug, but nice fit, not too much overhang or folding needed I want a diaper that fits properly

    - The diaper should have a decent patting size more towards the thicker end of things, for example you want the diaper to hold up and not bulk up between the legs, or be too much that you can't get your legs closed, but enough to get some good wetting out of it

    - I would go for the white with a little colour maybe some images nothing overally cute or fancy, more focus towards the diapers then the packaging

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    1) Tapes 4 (2 per side) dont mind if 6--4 per side

    2) Super absorbent--cna take up to twenty pees

    3) Not thick

    4) No fancy patterns on the front on behind, small brand name will do

    5) Good and prominent wetness indicator

    6) Odour-less chemicals.

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    My perfect diapers? ABU Dry Kids. But not made by ABU.

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