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Thread: AB Universe shipping again- A shipping tale

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    Default AB Universe shipping again- A shipping tale

    Today, 1 Oct 14, I finally got the case of ABU Super Dry Kid diapers that I ordered on 24 Jul 14! I'm glad they're here, as I find them to be the best absorbency and fit for my body, but I'm CERTAINLY not very pleased with the customer service!

    When I ordered the diapers I knew they were on back-order, as there was a statement that they would be available in Aug 2014. That didn't bother me much, as I'd seen similar back-orders shipped very quickly. However, I was planning a vacation and wanted to send a few packages to a family home where we were headed, so I didn't have to carry the bulk in my truck. I sent an e-mail asking about expected shipping dates, explaining the situation, but got NO reply!

    I tried calling ABUniverse, but only got an answering service, with the instructions to send e-mail. So more e-mail was sent and ignored.

    August passed without any diapers arriving. I again sent several e-mails but still got no replies. Sept was fading rapidly, but the website still proclaimed August shipping. I even gave them my phone number, asking them to call me, but never heard a peep from them.

    Finally, this weekend I checked the site again and the back-order message had been removed from the ordering section. The diapers arrived within a few days.

    The bottom line for me is that though I truly like the SDK diapers I will be looking for a replacement, and hope I can find a replacement with similar performance and value. I likely will continue to order them, unless they're on back order. I will NEVER expect good customer service, as I sent at least 6 e-mails and never got any reply! When they're in stock I usually get the diapers within 2-3 days, as I live the next state over and they ship quickly. But I'll never believe anything they say on their website!

    Are you READING this, AB Universe? I hope so, and hope you'll learn that customer service is the TRUE lifeblood of any business! Yours simply SUCKS, and needs to be greatly improved!

    My best to all,


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    Yep, similar issue here, but still waiting to hear from them to get my order...

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    ABU knows what it does, they know our disappointment, and they really don't care. I could care less if they fold as a business because the respect is likewise.

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    Customer service doesn't appear to be the lifeblood of their business, since it is decidedly poor but people keep ordering from them. I'm sorry people who don't know any better have problems with their orders but I have a little trouble mustering much sympathy for those who know they are unreliable at best and still vote in favor of them with their wallets. If you're really mad, don't give them your money.

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    I ordered 20 SDK from them on Tuesday night. Hopefully they come within a week. I'm assume they're shipping from Washington and I live in Cali. If I end up getting burned, it's only $37. Not a big deal. But I hope they come!!

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    The most attractive thing about them is the two tape design. But their history is pretty unforgivable. After this long period of not shipping orders and not bothering to contact their customers to inform them of the delay, I don't think I would give them money ever again.

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    I agree I love the Super Dry kids, they have been my favourite Diaper for as long as I can remember, I have yet to have a single problem, however with their service being shotty at best right now, my best advice is to save your money and move on, a new brand that's just coming out, Snuggies their product looks amazing and might be something to look into for the future.

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    Until they have a true competitor that is making similar designs (other competitors aren't really imitating the diaper style that ABU does on their flagship product, the Cushie), they'll stay in business. They don't have to worry about their horrible customer service.

    NOBODY else is doing a single set of tapes that I'm aware of, or mimicking the type of design on the Cushie (the new one...snuggies? those come close, but they don't use the bold colors, either). Double tapes make for a much better fit and I'd never purchase a single-tape diaper for my nightly needs, but, still, it's a niche market and they've found a bigger niche, that for whatever reason, nobody else seems to be exploiting.

    Bambino has always had great customer service for me, a good product, and their diapers look like the ones I used when I was originally wearing them in the late 80s, so there's a nostalgia factor there. I still remember being upset when switching from baby diapers to pull-ups for my nighttime problems, because I was no longer fitting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WearingClouds View Post
    I ordered 20 SDK from them on Tuesday night. Hopefully they come within a week. I'm assume they're shipping from Washington and I live in Cali. If I end up getting burned, it's only $37. Not a big deal. But I hope they come!!
    Lol, the fact that you're hoping a product will come after you purchased it is really messed up. Funny, but messed up :P

    Also, what's up buddy? Long time no talky talk :P lol

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    Hey do these guys still exist? You actually did get your order? I ordered a couple of sample packs in early September and haven't heard a word from them. I need them within the next two weeks. I sent an email but it doesn't sound like they respond...

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