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Thread: So, I might be moving across the Country.

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    Default So, I might be moving across the Country.

    ...And it's going to be a very strange scenario if it does happen.

    A little background: I was recently contacted by a company which I had applied for a position with. They seemed very interested in my resume, which is a great feeling, considering I am a new graduate with no work experience in my field.

    The company contacted me and asked me the preliminary questions and then when I called them a few days later said they were going to setup an interview for me and contact me for the interview (it's an over the phone interview, it would take a lot of resources to send someone across the country to interview me). So here I am waiting for the interview, which will likely be tomorrow. I know that I have a good shot at employment with this company because a friend of mine who graduated from the same program at the same time as I did recently got hired there and today is his fly day.

    I've been looking at the details of the place, the company and the area (Fort St.John, BC), and it looks like a nice enough place, but I have a feeling it is going to be WAYYYY different than what I am used to.

    Some differences: I have no family local in that area. I have lived next to my family my whole life, the furthest I have ever been from them is an hour drive away.

    I will have to relocate permanently. There is no chance of a turnaround job with this company just yet. It's Monday to Friday and would require me to be on call. BC is completely different than Newfoundland, and that's something that will take some getting used to.

    My girlfriend won't be able to come with me. It sucks that my girlfriend won't be able to come with me; if there was a way that she could, I'm sure we would have thought of it. I'd turn this job down, but just can't do it. The job market is crazy and this is the first bite I have had in the 6 months I've been out of school. If I get some experience under my belt I will have an easier time finding a better job.

    I will have to travel light and won't be able to take much with me. That is going to suck. I am an avid musician and I own a lot of music gear. At the very least, I am going to need a guitar and bass. I figured I would buy used when I get there, but there are like 0 instruments in all of the classifieds I have looked in...

    Anybody have any tips on undertaking a big life change like this? It's weird to me that I am 21 years old and possibly moving away from everything I know. Moving from the furthest eastern point in Canada all the way to Western Canada where I have no friends or family. Of course there are things I am excited for, but it seems like an enormous change.


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    You can do it. Be prepared for a big change in how you look at things and deal with things. Be prepared mentally more so than anything and you'll be fine.

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    Just got the call. My interview is tomorrow evening.

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    Change can be a great thing, also, things might fix themselves over time. Changing locations can seem like a scary thing, but sometimes a change in culture is a great thing to experience. Imagine all of the different things you can try and all the new people that you can meet. I experience this somewhat as a truck driver, some places are places I wouldn't mind calling home, on the other hand there are some I'd rather not even visit. Just think of it as an opportunity to explore and get out of the everyday norm.

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    I did something similar last year. The biggest thing you can do for yourself is routine. The second biggest thing is to totally ignore your routine sometimes.

    Let me give you some more detail. Last year, I moved across the United States from West to East Coast for work. I started out by getting my apartment most of the way set up (final setup was a matter of several months for things like getting art and posters, and I still don't consider it done a year later). Once that was done, I settled into a pretty regular routine. I had a couple sets of friends in the area that I would see over weekends, at least twice a month in combination, usually more. I was working 5 days a week. I got into cooking more and started planning out my meals as well as things like laundry day, making my bed, cleaning the apartment (which I do less than I should) and that sort of thing. I also networked and tried in various ways to be pursuing at least two new jobs or meetings with people per week.

    And because doing all of that stuff will drive you totally insane, I also spent some of my free weekends staying up really late playing videogames and then sleeping in. I spent over the course of a month a couple days lounging around in nothing but my diapers and a t-shirt, cuddling some plushies and watching TV.

    It's also good to get your exercise in a new place by walking around the neighborhood. Take a few different routes and look around. You'll discover different stores and become familiar with the area, notice restaurants you might want to visit, all that sort of thing.

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    Remember that this is a first step in your life. I moved several states westward when I graduated from college. I didn't stay there forever. Eventually I moved again. This job may give you a foot in the door for a better job closer to home. Nothing needs to be permanent.

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    B.C. is a beautiful province to live in, I am WAY south of Ft. St. John, too far North for me, small towns, very rural, and COLD winters, too buggy in the summer. Good luck with everything, sometimes you have to do something like this to get a good job you want. Keep us posted! :-)

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    I got the job! I don't think this will be as bad a situation as I had previously thought. The company that hired me set my starting salary at over double the minimum wage for the region, and over 4 times minimum wage on Sundays. I think I will be able to live very comfortably. I don't expect I will do much there, but it's nice to know that the option is open!

    I think I might rent my own 1 bedroom apartment. I'm tired of living with roomates, and having my own space seems like a nice change and a well deserved change at that.


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    Plus your friend is there so you know some one.:-)

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