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Thread: Importance of taping

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    Default Importance of taping

    Funny how after all these years using Tena Slip Maxi (plastic), I just recently learned how to put the tapes in a position that the diaper fits perfectly. The lower tapes need to point somewhat upwards giving the diaper better fit on my bum and leg cuffs. Before this it felt really loose since the lower tapes are close to the upper ones. Now I'm enjoying them a lot more! (still doesn't beat Comficare or Kolibri Comslip Plus).

    Anyone else has any diaper-specific taping tips?

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    You can tape the upper tapes facing downwards, this will give the upper part of the diaper front to back a tighter fit.

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    Definitely experiment with the tapes and figure out what works best for you. Use various parts of the diaper as landmarks (wetness indicator stripe, edges of the plastic, edges of the padding, etc.) to remember how you taped it last time and achieve repeatability.

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    I find the taping direction depends on the diaper. Some diapers have their tapes closer together than others on each panel (seems to make a difference) and some diapers seem to have various shapes that allow a certain way to diaper.

    Here's what I do:

    1) Unfold diaper completely; Make sure those gussets at the tops and bottoms have been spread open if needed. Helps for longer pads;

    2) Sit in diaper, and then while grabbing the front, pull up between legs (my favorite part);

    3) Make sure that:
    A: top edge of the front of the diaper is inline to the top edge of the backside of the diaper; Adjust as necessary.
    B: make sure that the back side of the diaper (the part you're laying on) is CENTERED. Look to the left, how much space between body and tapes? Look to the right, how much space between body and tapes? If not the same, lift up back and move to adjust so that the diaper is centered to your back;
    C: you put plenty of powder/cream or both on!

    4) Now, (Some may disagree) I like taping bottom tapes first. But the way that I do that is by the "natural fit" of the diaper. What I mean by that is I do not think about it long-- I make sure the top wing of the diaper for each side is folded flat down the sides of my body. Then I open the bottom tape, and pull STRAIGHT OVER. Making sure I do not force it one way or the other. Doing it like this gives me a GOOD BOTTOM TAPING each time. Most of the time, the bottom tapes seem to be slightly down/up or even.

    5) Repeat bottom tape with the other side. You should now have a snug fit on the bottom of the diaper. Move to top tapes.

    6) Same rule applies, but with a twist. I suck in my tummy a bit, and then fold in part of the wing to ensure a tight top fit, open the top tape, and bring it straight over, without moving the wing with the tapes on it at all (make sure it rests flat on the bottom wing. Usually, the tape naturally fits in a horizontal position (not up or down).

    7) Do the next side, top tapes, just like the other. Bring it "naturally" over and tape (make the same fold in top part of diaper, AND FOR THE LAST TAPE, MAKE SURE it's taped to the diaper evenly, to avoid the diaper from "pulling" in one direction.

    8) Snug fitting diaper. Good fit around legs, good fit around tummy.

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