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    *Reads back everything I wrote*
    Man, I hope I don't seem to ramble too much. I didn't think I would write that much. >_<

    Hello to all who read this. I've known about this site for quite some time, but never joined it thinking it was just another random ABDL forum. I'm glad I learned otherwise.

    I don't want to sound generic by saying I'm basically like everyone else, but for the most part, my life outside of ABDL things isn't all that exciting. I have an average job, I like video games and such, and I live with my grandparents (there's a long story behind that, but I'll save the details for now). It's really hard living with them, though; they're quite religious, and thinks I am too. If I tell them about my secret, or even the mere fact that I'm not actually religious myself, I would never hear the end of it. Literally, there would be no convincing them to accept it. I'm not saying that as a slam against them, or other religious people, but that's just how they are. Otherwise, they're very nice. But anyway, I suppose one interesting thing about me is I like to make 3D animations. I'm not that good yet, but I'm getting there slowly but surely.

    That aside, I only like wearing diapers; I'm not interested in acting like a baby, and while they can be a turn-on for me, they aren't if I'm simply casually wearing one. I also hate messing them, due to the cleanup. I've been interested in the "Daddy" role for a long while, but I never had anybody to do it with, or had a long enough relationship to ever bring it up. I've only had one girlfriend, though, and that lasted only a month. If I ever were to do it, I would rather be in a relationship situation rather than a one-time thing. I know it's very hard to find someone willing, but one can dream, right? I mean, I highly doubt anyone on here found someone instantly just by talking to them for one minute.

    I've thought about finding someone on those ABDL dating sites, like Diaper Mates, but dating sites in general always came across to me as "too good to be true". The chances of finding someone who is compatible with me, likes ABDL things like I do, AND lives close in my area (or at the very least the same state I live in), is quite slim. At least, when it comes to girls. I don't mean to sound emo or anything. Just expressing my thoughts. I really don't want to come across as desperate or anything. Although, if I think I am, I probably am, so sorry if that really is the case.

    But anyway, I came here to hopefully find some friendly faces. Hopefully I'll stay active as long as I can.

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    Wow! That was a great intro! Welcome to the group! There are a lot of members here from the Midwest and I think one or two from Illinois. Jump in on the threads and have fun!

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