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Thread: I'm not really sure how to phrase this

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    Question I'm not really sure how to phrase this

    I've been thinking lately about how throughout my whole life, friends of mine have called me Mom, or Mama. I've always been very nurturing and comforting, and I've had friends snuggle up to me when they're sick or sad or anything like that, and I'd coo at them and coddle them, basically Mommy them. Even if we were just watching a movie, I would usually end up with a friend or two or three around me, snuggling and wanting to be in my lap or next to me so I could play with their hair or rub their back.

    It's usually teenagers, or people who are in their 20s/early 30s - friends of mine, really. Little kids are drawn to me, too, but I really seem to just become a nurturing/comforting presence for people I know in that age group of teenagers/young adults. It's also people who don't usually exhibit this kind of behavior, and usually dislike being reliant or dependent on anyone - yet they'd come to me for comfort, and attention.

    I guess what I'm wondering is, how does that compare with mommy-ing a little? It wouldn't have bothered me in the slightest if anyone wanted to be bottle-fed, or suck their thumb/a pacifier, or wear a onesie, etc. (excluding diapers, because I don't like changing them in general - it's not that it'd be any worse if they were adults, just that I don't like them, period.)

    Sorry if this is rambling, I just got home from a shift and I've been thinking about it. I guess, what're your thoughts? I'd love to hear anyone's opinion/thoughts on this/me.

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    To me you have the motherly instincts that a true ab like myself would look for. I would love the nurturing cuddling type of mommy that I never had growing up.

    For me personally diapers 24/7 are a must because in my real adult life I am fully incontinent due to my disability and I wet and mess myself every single day

    That being said, I long to be cuddled or have my hair played with or openly drink from a bottle.

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    For a lot of people, switching to being an AB caretaker makes them act differently than they would if there were normal children around and I find that counter-intuitive. I think it becomes this sort of knowingly staged thing where people feel like they need to put on a good performance rather than just acting maternal (or paternal). If you have caregiver tendencies, thoughts or emotions then they can and should all be utilized in your caregiver scenarios for littles. That's what helps people get into the right mindset, treating them just like you would a child. Now, generally speaking this is understandable considering for many people the caregiver of an adult baby is usually still a lover and so treating them exactly like a child could knock them out of the sexualized age-play fantasy. But if you're looking for full on regression, tapping into those motherly feelings are what will make people comfortable around you.

    But if you're curious about taking care of littles and how that relates to the feeling of caring for kids, I would say they are both gratifying for different reasons. But at the root of them both, making somebody else happy, healthy and cared for yields its own rewards.

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    I think that is a huge compliment for friends in their 20's and 30's to be comfortable enough to show that side of themselves with you. It sounds like you put out a wonderful mommy vibe to all of them. A lot of mommies don't like to change diapers so that really isn't an issue here. You must be a very open and approachable person. As for how it compares to mommying a little, I'd say you're at 90 percent or so only because you said you didn't like changing diapers. However, you didn't say you wouldn't change them only that you didn't like changing them. On a scale of 1-10 I'd still give you a 10 because of the rest of your mothering instincts.

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    I would rate you as a 8/10. You have the personality I would look for in a mommy and I hope to find it in real life

    The only reason I didn't give you a 10/10 is because I can't go without diapers. Unlike most I have a medical reason for wearing them and I have for my entire life

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    I have not seen what the age is in relationship to the people that you are "caring" for and I do not think that it is important up to a point. But I think this is enough said.

    As far as being a AB mommy/aunt/nanny it is entirely up to you. I would say the boundary that my wife has with me is more then appropriate in that diapers are ok, No intentional wetting in my bed, and I do not change diapers.

    The entire AB/little to Caretaker thing is a understanding and boundaries that are followed or it stops type of agreement.

    So bottom line is that it is all up to you and what you want to do.

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