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Thread: Bambinos Last Production Run

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    Default Bambinos Last Production Run

    Hey all! It's almost time for me to replenish my stock, and I'm leaning towards either Teddy's or Total Dry X-Plus. I want to buy a case from B4NS at the end of the month. Thing is, all he has on hand at the moment are the ones with the upside-down print. Now, I really couldn't care less about which way the print faces, and I kinda like some of the changes they made at the time, my question is though, when Bambino made the changes, particularly with regards to the tape locations, was that across the WHOLE line of their diapers, or just the Bellissimo? I did some searching around, with no defenitive answer.

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    My last batch of Blancos were about the same as previous ones, other than having a couple of them come apart at a seam and leak fluff. Having said that, I've seen some iffy things about the Bellisimos especially and am waiting for him to restock with a newer run before I buy anymore of those.

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    All the upside down print diapers were a bit different. However, only the first run right after they came out and mostly only bellisimos were way off. There were upside down diapers available for several months and I didn't see anybody report any trouble after the first month and a half or so.

    That said, caveat emptor, always.

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    I would have another case of bellisimo's again but some dentrsitry, six flags season pass+ food season pass and now SSB 3ds will prevent me from getting any bambinos anytime soon.

    I got a bellsimo from the last batch before the upside down prints came and I am saving it so I can did a direct photo comparison of it and the new ones, since they changed suppliers after the upside down print and possibly din't sign off/approve of the design changes they made over in china.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tygon View Post
    The tapes on the upside down Bellissimos changed spacing (bottom tape at least 1" higher). The tapes on the upside down Teddies, Classicos also changed spacing. The fit was different on all 3 due to the higher cut of the plastic, too. All upside down diapers had QC issues, most notably very poor leg elastics.

    See: https:[email protected]..source=latest&

    Source: several cases of Bellissimos, Teddies, Classicos from the upside down run.
    Seems like they are back to the nov 2013 sort of design, sweet. Then again belliisimo's are a diffrent diaper but I've think they are the same exact ones, just with added thickness due to more SAP and thicker cores.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    Seems like they are back to the nov 2013 sort of design, sweet. Then again belliisimo's are a diffrent diaper but I've think they are the same exact ones, just with added thickness due to more SAP and thicker cores.
    Yes, they are back to being about the same as in Nov 13, before the early 2014 manufacturing problems. Same cut, tape placement, general quality as what was available fall 2011-fall 2013. After having been through several cases of both Bellissimos and Teddies, I can confirm that they are currently identical except for print and padding thickness and weight. A typical medium Teddy weighs 159 grams; a medium Bellissimo, 200 grams. Subjectively, Bellissimos are more absorbent.

    That said, OP, it's your call on the upside down ones. Be aware that there are more quality issues than just the print. For me, the fit was affected to the point of leaking. Some people really liked the fit because the cut was bigger than it used to be. I personally hated it because it didn't work for me.

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    OK, so after much thought, I think I want to go with a case of Aww So Cute Blue Teddy Bears. They just seem like all around a much better diaper than what B4NS has on hand right now. So, next question, do any of my Canadian friends on here have much experience dealing with this company? They have a 40% off promo right now, which would yield me approximately the same amount of diapers including shipping as I would be able to get from B4NS, but, from what I've heard of better quality. My concern is, I've heard Aww So Cute can be really lagging in their shipping times. Call me selfish, but, if I'm dropping $100+ dollars on diapers, I'd like to have them sooner than later... Any insight from people with previous dealings with them would be greatly appreciated!

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    I have no experience with anyone other than B4NS. I will be waiting for your experience! Please post!

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