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Thread: Problems with the public education system

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    Default Problems with the public education system

    Since it seems like most of the members here are either in high school or haven't been out of high school for too long, I figured this would be a pretty good place to talk about education (and I didn't find any old threads exactly like this).

    Being involved in education myself, I'm just curious to hear what you guys think the biggest problem (or problems) in the education system is. Now, this is certainly going to vary from country to country, so it might be a good idea to make a brief mention of where it is you're talking about.

    However, it's very easy to spot problems in education. So, I'd also like to hear why you think the problems exist, and more importantly, any solutions that you can come up with.

    Because I've found out that there's not really a "right" and "wrong" with most educational issues...almost any idea or solution is going to have problems in itself, and really it's a matter of people choosing which problems aren't as bad as other ones.

    So yeah, I'm just curious to hear what people say, especially since so many people here are still in high school.

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    I would say conformity. They try to make everyone conform to their standards, and everyone who doesn't is labeled with some learning or emotion disability, and shoved into special ed.

    Some of those teachers seem hardly qualified to be there, too.

    That's not even the tip of the iceburg. Needless to say, I will NOT be attending public school much longer.

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    I think one of the big issues is the lack of classical education in Public schools. Back in the day, people wen't tought facts near as much as they were taught how to think. Math skills, for example. American public school students (generally) suck at math. That isn't because of genetic infeiorirty, or lack of desire, or poor mathematics teaching. It is because math requires lots of thinking, and a classical education builds that foundation for later learning. Schools need to go back to basics. Throw out required higher math, complex science, and even technical computer classes. That is what higher education is for. Teach creativity, the written word, and critical thinking. Teach the students how to learn, how to think for themselves. That is how you fix education.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkmaster View Post
    Throw out required higher math, complex science, and even technical computer classes. That is what higher education is for.
    I Highly disagree with this, teaching people how to think is an abomination, they need to learn how to think on their own, and of course, there are many who do not have that ability. Public education is good once the school exceeds the standards. The main problem with America is that we force people to get an education, rather than give the opportunity to get an education. The problem really lies within the slow learners, many children could be fed vast volumes of information and process it all, but the problem with most public schools is that they sense the need to slow down the rate of information presented so the slower kids in the class can keep up, which could easily be solved by separating kids into different learning brackets earlier on in education. It just seems that America finds the notion that some are born to be workings and some are born to be thinkers as too harsh an ideal. I am 95% positive that if schools taught me faster, I would have had at least a bachelor's degree by this point in my life.

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    Schools don't teach students to question authority, either. They silence it. Students are expected to believe everything they are told to them, without giving it a second thought, and this is simply DANGEROUS to society.

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    Teachers never answer my why are we learning this?

    Hardly if ever can a teacher tell you why we are learning the material and where it will help us in life....

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    There's something called a "Senior Project" once all of California's high school seniors had to do one and have it pass before they could graduate. Now only about 3 districts in California make it necessary I guess since we have the High School Exit Exam the other ones ditched it. That's my biggest problem is the VERY few remaining districts that think students should still do this sort of crap that's sort of a college thesis paper.

    Hell getting out of high school doesn't mean shit anymore anyways as it is. It used to but now you can barely get any good jobs directly out of high school.

    Also one time I was taking Government class and all we did was study about the founding fathers. We never did anything about the modern government not even Regan. The whole problem with this is you learned the same stuff in the U.S. History class, maybe not in as much detail. The latter is required BTW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    Hell getting out of high school doesn't mean shit anymore anyways as it is. It used to but now you can barely get any good jobs directly out of high school.
    What do you mean by good jobs? you can still basically get the same jobs you could get, fresh out of highschool, as you did in the fifties. People for some reason think it's a necessity to go to college these days, but it isn't, all the technical degrees could, in fact, be tossed out the window and smashed on the streets, because there is no real need for those degrees, as they could obtain the same knowledge simply through apprenticeships.

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    Personally, I despise the lack of discipline in my school. There are so many assholes and dirtbags in my school, it's sickening. Yet the school administration doesn't do anything about it. On top of all that, they're always complaining about how the students have such poor behavior. I wish they'd just stick a suspension on all of the dirtbags, and keep suspending them till they're taught a lesson. I don't remember who told me this, but someone once told me the problem with my generation is that the adults always praise and let them run wild. But never criticize or discipline them. So my generation seems to think they can do whatever they want without consequences, and in my school they can, because no one will punish them.

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    The students aren't listened to, the people in charge don't care.

    I went to a school, and it decided to change it's name. Now the new name was going to be the name of a hill that can be seen from the school... makes sense sort of...
    The idiots naming the school don't live in my town, so they had to look-up the name of the hill. I don't know what they looked in... but they found a misprint.

    The school is still spelt incorrectly, despite students pointing it out, despite local teachers pointing it out. I think that sums my school up really: it's spelt wrong, and they won't change it.


    Now, the single biggest problem with high school is the fact that it's geared towards the people who don't want to be there. They get all the attention, all the money spent on them! Talk to a high school teacher, and all they say is "5 GCSEs C and above", that's all they care about. This government aim to have everybody get 5 Cs at least.
    You know what?
    If you're 15 years old and still don't value education enough to STFU then I think you should just be removed from schools, and left to die from joblessness.

    It really annoys me, none of those pricks from high school are going to get jobs, unless they gain the mathematical skill to count in which case they might manage drug dealing.

    Grammar schools.
    Better choice: not everybody is academic, so have the people who hate the usual stuff and who plan on doing something more vocational learning that stuff from an earlier age.
    Get rid of testing in primary schools, and focus on developing a love for learning.
    Spend a lot of money on improving the behaviour of bad primary school students, including counselling for their parents. Nip it in the bud!
    Less demand for schools to do well in league tables, or at least change the league tables so they are not about exam results alone.
    Have a school council (of students) and actually listen to them.
    Spell the pissing name of the school correctly!
    Counselling in high schools for students.
    Higher pay for teachers (more people wanting to teach, more choice for employers, crap teachers rejected).
    Parents having more of a say in how things in schools are done (but well restricted since there's a lot of idiots about).

    Why we don't have this:
    Money! It's expensive, and the government seems to fear significant change.

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