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Thread: Using panties as my diaper cover

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    Default Using panties as my diaper cover

    I'm a straight male who is completely in love with disposable diapers, but I also use ladies panties to wear over my diapers. I do this because I'm a big fan of being as thickly diapered as possible, I also don't believe in changing my diapers until every inch is soaked and leaking. The panties help hug my diaper close to me and prevent them from sagging, I tried tighty whities but they don't work near as good as panties.

    Does anyone else wear panties to cover their diapers?

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    I have done this many times. It is fun!

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    I am a female but I do wear panties with my diaper. Without a diaper , I wear hipster or boy short style underwear but when my diaper is on I like a high waisted brief. It does hug the diaper closer to my body and prevents sagging.

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    onesies are so much better or one piece bathing suit

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    I prefer the NOISY plastic frilly ruffled bum type panties (aka Diaper Cover).
    Just having one diaper on for the duration is an invitation to leaking.
    You no want to be a leaker. Having two on ups the time extension but
    you never know when you might spring a spring (leak).
    Any way my preference is not for tight fitting clothing that would wring
    out a diaper but more of a semi-short skirt/dress that shows the world
    just what kind of a Sissy I am and pleasures of being so ! This way I
    can go a long way without being pressured into leakage.
    And Oh Yes the diaper cover PINK with black ruffles which is not easily
    hidden under a sheer chiffon white outfit ! Oh my no place to hide !

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    I love to wear my pul rubber pants over my disposable and then shape wear over the top. this holds my diaper up well.

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    When I wear a homemade nappy, eg: a folded towel inside a pair of briefs, I like to wear a pair of my wife's granny-style hi-cut panties over the top to hold it all in place. A white pair look quite diaper-ish. Then a pink trash bag with foot holes worn over the top, and tucked inside the leg holes of the panties.

    Basic I know, but extremely effective in look, feel and usability.

    Plus I like wet panties.....

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    I do the same thing, I use a diaper until all the padding is used and i love to put panties over my diapers.

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    well, i only wear my diapers over my fursuit and NEVER use them, i have a custom rhumba style cover (sissy foxes have to look pretty, you know?) and i am getting a custom sailor suit/onesie combo made for christmas.

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