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Thread: Little Greetings from Germany <3

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    Red face Little Greetings from Germany <3

    Hello (:

    I just wanted to say hi and hope that my introduction will be okaii :P Currently I just have a very tiny Laptop so I hope I don't make too many typing-mistakes~

    Yeah well, who am I ?
    I am just a "normal" girl from germany, who likes alot of things. I love it to see movies or go to the cinema, I like it to be outside and for exanple do geocaching. I like it to go to a restaurant, I like board and videogames, I like it to meet friends and so on. Also I like all creative stuff like drawing, diy-things and much more :3

    Why I am here? Hmmm That`s a hard question :P I think... or maybe it`s not that hard *smile*
    I define myself as a little and I am not comfortable with the german communities and this one seemed very fine to me. So I hope to finde here nice people and maybe even friends.

    Well... I guess that`s all. If you have more questions feel free to ask about it :3


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    Hi there, Monii, and welcome to ADISC. You'll soon find out that there is no shortage of nice people here ^^

    Geocaching sounds amazing. Have you found anything good from doing it?

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    Hello SillySwampert (:

    Yes found alot of "things" through it :P I met new people while searching for a cache and saw landscapes and beautiful places which I never knew that they existed. It just brings you to so many different places. Its amazing :3
    Also I had a couple of little adventures through it, especially when I was caching at night for the first time. That was creepy but great! x)

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    Hello and welcome. You'll find that most of the members here are friendly and supportive, so feel free to browse and ask questions.

    What's your favorite thing to use or do while being ''little?'' Diapers, pacifiers, watching cartoons, etc.?

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    Hello LittleMonii and welcome to the group.

    My ancestors are from Alsace. I also like to collect Coins from Germany.

    There are several people here from all over Deutschland, and I do not think you will have any problems finding friends here.

    Again welcome to the group.

    I will save you from having to read my spelling in German, I can speak a little but my German spelling is worse then my English


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    Hi Hi, thank you all for being so totally nice (: !

    When I am in Little mode I don't really prefer anything, of course I like it to wear diapers and so on. But my activities there have no limits. I like to watch disney movies, play with lego or my stuffies and if I would have a boyfriend I would love it if he would act a bit like a daddy to me, hehe

    Hello, I know it is not very typical for a girl to collect coins but my BFF and me do it since years now. As a european we started with all the different euros ofc. Everytime I found an older coin, in a better grade I change it with the previous one.
    I also have a few coins from the european countries before there was the euro and from several countries which my parents visited in their lives. German Coins I have some from the east and the west when they where splitted apart, some from Nazi-Germany and ofcourse of the Kaiserreich before it.
    I also like quarter dollars from the usa and - which is a bit more girl-like - just fancy and cute looking coins :P

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    Yea well I already replied to you all but there came a message that my message have to be checked first but it didnt got approved. Well a forum where I can't write even to my own threads is useless in my eyes. Bye Bye.

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    Hey! Welcome from NZ. I'd love to visit Germany one day, it seems like a pretty sweet place. I've always loved old German cars, they're very unique, and the beer and chocolates are supreme.

    Geocaching sounds pretty sweet, I'll probably get into it over summer when I have some free time. There's a good scene for that where I live, a real student town.


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