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    What an awesome movie. Just saw Waiting... and it catches the whole working in a restaurant theme just perfectly. I don't work in a restaurant anymore, but it brought back a lot of fond memories. We didn't flash our genitalia at each other or anything. And we never messed with stupid customer's food, but we thought about it.

    This whole movie was like a 2 hour flashback of some of the greatest memories I've ever had. Working so closely together, restaurant workers tend to form pretty tight bonds. We become like family.

    So, acting was cool. Comedy was cool. Ryan Reynalds was great. Dane Cook was funny, if short-lived. That mac guy was okay... All of it was just perfect.

    I miss the good ol days. Now I work in a bakery with a bunch of middle-aged women.

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    Chillhouse, that movie is one of the best.

    "Oh, God ... the night was a blur of intravenous drug use and unprotected sex."

    It's one of my favorites! And it really does capture the restaurant atmosphere extremely well -- you have to be just a little nuts to work in a place like that!

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    Definately, man. The whole thing with the waiters cursing behind the customer's back, then being all nice upfront. The cooks messin with the waiters. The way everyone's always trying to screw with eachother with "The Game"... It was all just so cool and realistic.

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    That was a terrible movie, but there were some funny parts.

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    I've worked in both a restaurant and a deli and def. agree that Waiting was hilariously accurate. It's also way exaggerrated, but that's ok cause it's only a movie. And Dane Cook wasn't a dbag, at least for those two hours.

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    Dane Cook was in a movie for a full role? *Goes to look this movie up*

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    I have not seen Waiting or much of it anyways. But I have seen Clerks 2 and they seam like they are about the same. Though I am thinking that Clerks 2 actually gets you to "think" more. I think Fight Club was the first movie that I saw having to deal with normal guys that have nothing special at all. Though Clerks is exactly that and that was made back when I was like 6 or 7.

    I was around 11-13 for Fight Club.

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