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Thread: I'm Quitting For Real

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    Red face I'm Quitting For Real

    that i just discovered that i have kigurmi/ footed sleeper fetish, and you know what, i'm actally ok with that and didn't flip my lid again. its just something about being wrapped up in a full body sack that really gets me going, and i don't know why it does. i just love to feel the tight sleeper around my body when i'm laying in bed, it's really quite a nice feeling. i'm finally glad that i can accept part of myself as a sexual fetish. i'm honestly curious as to why i'm so turned on by footed sleepers, i'm not angry, just curious. and yes, for the record i do jerk off in my only footed sleeper in private, and afterwards i don't feel guilty, which is nice. so i just thought i'd let you all know that i am finally happy with myself and started to accept myself.

    EDIT :i just realized my tital got screwed up, oopsie

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    Well that's very happy that you accepted yourself. What we all were worried and confused was you weren't getting enough support and were relying us for answers we could barely provide ^^ It's nice now that you know who you exactly are. (Stretches the PG-13 rule for your threads haha)

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    i'm also glad i accepted myself, i'm getting a ride from a friend to gordmans where i can hopefully buy some more FetishFuel.

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    Its great to hear you're able to accept yourself about this

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    I'm happy about it too, but by your user name, i thought you were someone else i didn't like, but your not and thats good. back to the topic of this thread, i'm very curious as to why footed sleepers/kigurmi (kigurmi more than footed sleepers) turn me on so much, and by the way, i don't mix my sleeper fetish with my furyness .

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