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Thread: Whats The Point?

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    Unhappy Whats The Point?

    Why do we go on trying to do good in a world where nothing good ever seems to happen. the only good that seems to happen is the gentael lotus blossom opening on a warm spring day as the waves rock it back and fourth, it only has a short time on this earth, like all creatures. the reason i say this is because today, like many days, i tried to talk about my desires to my family , and once again, she basically outed me as a freak. i needed to talk to somebody so they might be able to help me, this time, it was about a space to be me, since i never moved out. i tried to tell her that i needed a crib, and she told me that i was crazy and not to take it that far, so i cried in my computer museum for a while. why must we lose our innocence at such a young age, why must i have perverse desires, why must the lotus flower wilt. i just want to be a baby fox sometimes without my sexuality getting in the way, i don't want to get an erection, i just do. all i want to do is put on my fursuit and sissyfur clothes and drink a bottle of milk while i lie in a crib and relax, I'm not suicidal, just sad.

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    Parent's sometimes are not understanding, mine are just the same so I definitely feel your pain. The trick is to not let it bother you. If I tell my mom about my infantism then it's going to be a long hell for me but I will confess one of these days.

    Some parents always have high expectations for their kids and other times they don't care so you got a parent that is caring but just doesn't understand your favorite interests. Wanting a crib will do no harm and is certainly better than Drugs, alcohol, raping, etc... Yep Sometimes doing good to others give you bad outcomes you do not expect but there isn't anything we can do. We just have to ride it out and hope for the best. What you want doesn't make you a freak so don't ever let that word touch your feelings or emotions because it's just a word.

    I think you heard this saying "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me," They do hurt but as long as you play along in a role where you will absolutely not let a single thing touch you and not care who judges you in any way then your life is fully golden and then you can expect good things in the past. If you really want to engage in these activities but you are solely limited then you might need a psychologist who can assist you into changing your parent's minds. Sometimes it doesn't work but parent's can feel dumb half the time when they are confronted by a therapist. If all else fails then I would personally wait till you move out to engage and fully let out your inner being.

    Just hold onto it for awhile and just talk about it with your family. All you have to do is practice what you can say and think real hard what points and examples you can set with them. It'll be hard I know and she may not try to listen but sometimes it helps to get someone to help you to make her understand what you are going through and what you want to do. Some pointers like,

    1. I need your full cooperation for this
    2. This is why I do these things
    3. You need to accept me for who I am
    4. There is more people out there like me
    5. I do these things for a reason (Set your reason)

    Pointers & Examples like this.

    In advance, I recommend getting some help because it seems nobody is doing anything right and it feels your antagonizing the situation and i am super-glad that you are not suicidal but you need medical help.
    Just give it a try. Let me know how it goes.

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    I'm not sure if you're trying to parody another member's post here, or if you're being genuine.

    Our desires are not perverse but misunderstood; an issue compounded by those who lack the proper reading of social winds and cues to understand when and what is appropriate.

    I'm generally quite confused as to why anyone would willingly want to discuss these "desires" with their parents. These desires, which can be classified as paraphilic fetishism, are not necessarily an identity that absolutely needs public acknowledgement and approval to validate my identity. So my question would be, why is it do you feel the need to?

    Conversely, my parents spared me the explainations of their behind-closed-doors kinks while they were together and I don't consider being left in the dark about that stuff a bad thing.

    I think community is a big thing but finding approval from your parents for this kind of thing isn't necessarily something you should expect understanding from. I personally don't understand the fur thing but I understand the loneliness and isolation of liking diapers. Ageplay is becoming increasingly popular if Tumblr, the few adult sites I visit, and fetlife are any indication.

    Quit being all "woe is me" and start being part of the wonderful communities that are out there. It's almost a cliche where parents will disapprove what their children do, so why bother? Go make some more friends!

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    This is gonna sound harsh. I apologize in advance.

    First off, I'll answer your question. The point is that there's a ton of amazing stuff in the world, not just one lotus flower. And even if you're suffering, your experiences can help others by sharing with them and learning to grow and live a better life. You can find that there is more to life than just your identity as a sissyfur.

    Now, second. Get help. You're confessing to a family member and facing rejection here and it sounds like it's really upsetting to you. I've seen you post over and over in the last week or so about your own identity, your discomfort with your sexuality, and the distress that it causes you. I'm glad you're not suicidal, but what you write tells me that you're not leading a healthy life. I'm really worried that you're only going to slip further into depression. And you've consistently rejected every viewpoint offered that does not match with your own.

    So let me repeat my request. Please, go to a doctor, tell them how you're feeling. Get some help.

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    snivy: well coupled with the fact that she thinks im gay, and the fact she is closed minded anyway, i don't think anything will change her mind. i still need a crib, better start looking in allyways

    lazy: yes i am being sincere

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kittermunk View Post
    snivy: well coupled with the fact that she thinks im gay, and the fact she is closed minded anyway, i don't think anything will change her mind. i still need a crib, better start looking in allyways
    I recommend you get some help sir, go to a doctor. If you feeling like this then you need some serious help.

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    ArchieRoni, i might as well just quit ADISC and go open a haberdashery if this is the help i get, thanks, real helpful.

    I don't want to go to the doctor because i am afraid that he might send me away, he is very weird like that.

    ah, screw it, i need help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kittermunk View Post
    I on't want to go to the doctor because i am afraid that he might send me away, he is very weird like that.
    The best thing you can do is at least try. I said psychologist because they help in major situations. I'm sure they wouldn't mind assisting you. Doctors want money so I wouldn't think they would send you off.

    Oh, and don't quit ADISC over one answer you didn't like. That's exactly my point on my first post. ArchieRoni is a good DC but maybe he worded it wrong or somethin idk he owes me $5 anyway XD JK dude. Your letting your feelings control you and that is NOT ok.

    Just calm down and ignore any rude remarks people make to you.

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    ah, i ain't gonna quit adisc, i just need some ideas for a babyfur nursery that can fit in a 10x15 foot space?

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    If you guys did your research you would know that ABDL is not something that's been researched a lot. The causes are largely unknown. There could be a whole plethora of outcomes for this particular situation. As far as parents accepting your habits it's usually best to do it on your own. Buying a crib can be expensive. Buying the joints and wood yourself is a cheaper option as well as painting and securing a mattress inside is an entire project but cutting your parents out of the process is the best way to go about this. You'll even be learning how to build furniture. Learning to do things out of desire to achieve something is best way to accomplish your goal and makes these things less frustrating in the future.

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