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Thread: Here I am.

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    Default Here I am.

    How is everybody doing? I'm here on the suggestion of my lovely wife, as we are experiencing some marital stress due to some desires of hers' I am not 100% sold on...

    I have visited other forums in the past yet I am still not sold on this "fetish".

    Many apologies if using that term has offended anybody.

    Anyway, the message said I should mention some other things I enjoy.

    Well most days I enjoy watching some baseball and football (it's back today!) and I really enjoy learning and consuming new tech! iPhone 6 anyone?

    Thanks for taking the time to read, I appreciate it, I'll post more of my situation if that seems appropriate.


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    Only too happy to help you. By the way, I'm a huge football fan an iPhone fan as well… Now that we've gotten that taken care of… Feel free to speak openly. Lol
    I am confident that the group here will be able to help you in your goals of finding out what's up.

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    Hello Rain and welcome to the group.

    I hope that you will be able to get any question you might have answered.

    Again welcome to the group.

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    Welcome to the site. You've got a smart wife sending you here! Go ahead and tell us more of your situation. What is the source of the stress, her wanting you to participate, just her wearing? You wanting her to not have this fetish? Communication with her is key for you both to come to terms with her desires and to set boundaries that each of you can accept.

    Most of us on here don't know why we're adult DLs, and if it was a switch you could just turn off and never have the desire again, many if not most of us would do so. There are, of course people here who have to wear for medical reasons. But that is not really a pure fetish. But those of us who are a bit older also know that there is no off switch and while we may be able to set it aside a while, eventually the desires keep returning. For myself, this site is a place that helps me come to terms with it in my own mind and accept me for who I am. That may be what your wife is asking you to do--accept and love her for who she is, not what she wears at times.

    But it would help to have a discussion here to know a little more about how you learned about this, your initial reaction, and more about the stress this is causing in your marriage. I congratulate you on joining this site to learn more. And again, Welcome!

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    Welcome to our world. Marriage can be challenging at times, hang in there.

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