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    I have just got back from being in North Carolina for about ten days. While there, I had the opportunity to meet another older DL, like myself. The first meeting was just a get aquianted ride in the country. We discussed what we like and were looking for and what we were not interested in.
    On our second meeting, he showed me his "nursery and we spent several hours checking out his ab clothes and taking pics of each other, on his homemade , (and rather well built ) crib. We also did a diaper change for each other. It was a wonderful morning with someone of the same mind. Has anyone else had this experience.
    I have also been fortunate to meet several other DL's here in my area, but have only done social visiting with them so far. Thoughts anyone

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    Never met an AB or DL (that I know of...). I think at some point maybe I'd be interested in doing so, but at the moment it's not a priority. And the idea of being changed by a man is completely unappealing. What I would get from meeting an AB/DL might be a better sense of how this unique part of me looks in other people, and I'm confident that it wouldn't look as bad as it does in the mirror on my door.

    I suppose it would also be a way to meet someone with whom I would share something so rare--and dare I say special--which most people apparently wouldn't understand. In general though, I feel like I'm happy to keep it all on the internet with some pseudo-privacy (kind of hiding in plain sight?).

    That said, there's a guy at work who I'm pretty sure is AB/DL, just based on his personality, one vague remark his wife made, and stories of his behavior from others. I figure the chance is extremely remote, but if was indeed the first AB/DL I met in real life, I would not be surprised in the slightest.

    So there's another question for the conversation: we all know about meeting AB/DLs over the internet, then in person, but has anyone skipped the middle man and made such connections in person? What were the circumstances?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PghDave View Post
    Has anyone else had this experience.

    Many, many times. The social aspect of the ABDL realm is probably my favorite part of the whole fetish. Being into this has allowed me to meet some really cool people.

    I've gotta ask though... What was all the picture taking for, and if the other guy was the one taking them, do you trust/know him well enough to know that he won't do anything bad with the pictures?

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    I have met people, even though it involved sneaking away from my parents for a day, been as there is no way they would let me meet internet people. That was different though. It was meeting up with loads of people, 8 in fact. You don't have the same risks involved and you have less time to talk to people. It was one of the best things I have done ever, but still a little different from what you have been talking about.

    I met up with one of the people from that again recently. Didn't do anything special. Would like to meet up more though, just so I can actually go out with people I get on with as opposed to never leaving the house because there is no one I want to go with.

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    I've done a few personal ones so far, want to go to a meet one of these days. I always try to get to know the person by e-mail, chat, IMing and phone calls so that im sure that it will be safe to go. Talking with the person always gets me comfortable before i go, but it's not until the 2nd or 3rd meet when i start to come out a little more.

    Nice to see you found someone to have fun with, hope it lasts!

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    There are more DL's in NC after all. Wow, glad to know it.

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    Gross. Not you, mind you, but the prospect of getting so close to someone after the second meeting is just like, wow. I've known some people on here for a few years and have only seen a picture of them, and I'm happy. Must be different having the means to meet other people, I guess...

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    Sadly I have yet to meet up with any BF/TB/AB.

    Furries yes just none of the above.

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