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Thread: lg g3 or note 4

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    Default lg g3 or note 4

    which phone are you buying? i am getting the note 4 when it comes out

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    Haven't used anything but Nokia's after a one time Samsung error, now I am jumping to Jolla, though waiting until they release the follow up of the current one. Hope my Nokia Lumia holds out until it's released.

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    I might go with the Note 4 if I had to pick between those two. But I don't plan to get a new phone at the moment.

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    I've read reviews of the LG G3 and the phone has a 4k screen but, the phones interface really doesn't do it any justice. Sure you can watch recorded videos but it is really limited. The features of the phone doesn't offer much compared to Samsung. The LG G3 is pretty much a bigger, high quality screen. Samsung makes the Note series, it's own.

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    Are we not talking Android? Any Android 2.3 is better than Android 4.x because you can get huge sd card and store tons of apps on it. New android blocks use of the SD card.

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    I love my 2012 Motorola Defy XT. Waterproof, good 3.7" hi-res screen, GPS for hunting and damn near indestructible for a smartphone. Takes a 32gb SD card. My previous phone was a 10 year old Motorola brick, still going today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KiwiBoi View Post
    .....for hunting and damn near indestructible for a smartphone.
    Jea, they don't make them like that anymore.

    Wish I never had to put my Nokia N8 away, best phone I've ever seen and held. That was design and manufacturing at it's best.

    Lost times these days...

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    I just got ahold of a Nexus 5- Upgrade from my nokia 920. Android has gone a long ways from 4 to 4.4, it's much nicer now.

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