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Thread: I just got my first ever pair of pacifiers

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    Default I just got my first ever pair of pacifiers

    I just got my first ever pair of pacifiers. I had the unique opportunity to go grocery shopping using money given to me by my sister.

    Long story short, I got the groceries she requested, AND I got myself a pair of Phillips Super Soothies.

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    I threw away the receipt before I brought her the groceries.

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    PHHHHEEEWW close one good thing to know you threw away the receipt. Enjoy the paci's have fun!

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    Don't keep em in for too long, learned that the hard way. The suction will warp your inner mouth skin uncomfortably and it'll take a couple days for it to go back to normal.

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    Do they fit your mouth well? I figured that brand had a rather small nipple, but I've never tried them; I don't care for the design.

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