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Thread: I did it!

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    Default I did it!

    YES! I finally did it I bought my first pack of diapers!!! Thanks to all of you guys for supporting me!

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    Good job! It's not near as hard as we can make it out to be in our heads. Have fun and don't forget to plan for a good, discreet storage spot if needed as well as a plan for disposal.

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    Haha already wet them, and I have a spot in mind.

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    Nice going, mate. I bought my first diapers two years ago and I enjoyed wear them and using them as a potty. Hopefully you'll enjoy yours.

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    First time is always the scariest in my opinion. Now i can go to the store and buy and brand i want and not feel awkward :p

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    First time buying is always hard I feel. Now I am 24 years old and can comfortably go to any store and be in the diaper isles for days! No shame! I am me, you are you. People really don't care about what you buy. I can imagine it mould be awkward if you're at the store carrying a pack of goodnites and your friend from school runs into you. Lol, that happened to me and he was all like, "Dude, what's with the diapers" and I said "Oh didn't you hear? Diapers are the new fashion trend!"

    He assumed I was joking and that the diapers weren't for me

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    Congrats! I bought the wrong size my first time and I was on a college campus. Had to sneak them in past the peers... AND back to the store. It was only a half mile away, but I had no car... Good thing they gave me a full refund!

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