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    Hello all I am BronyPony14, nice to meet you. I love to draw, sing, write, listen to and make music. I am indeed a Brony, My favorite ponies are Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack, Big Mac, Derpy, Vinyl Scratch, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie. I play Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon (TCG, and Video Games), and Magic The Gathering. If you want just ask for my friend code maybe we could battle or trade sometime. Speaking of games, I also have a Ps3 and Ps2. My favorite games are the Kingdom Hearts series, Rocksmith, and Disney Infinity. I enjoy watching anime and cartoons. I have so many favorites, but I would say My little Pony and Ben 10 are my favorite cartoons. Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon are my favorite animes. That doesn't mean I only watch cartoons and anime though I also enjoy Doctor Who and basically almost anything on the Travel Channel. :P I am also a proud beautiful shining glittering rainbow (in other words I am gay), and I am proud of it. I have been a bed wetter all my life and have had a few daytime accidents more recently. I found adisc just trying to find a way to not feel alone and meet people like me. I have actually been here for a few months, and enjoy all the kind helpful people and topics. Thank you.

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