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Thread: Absorbancy plus?

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    Default Absorbancy plus?

    Has anyone had any experience with these? I recently saw this and was considering trying them as they are a little bit cheaper then my dry 24/7s that I wear and were wondering how they measure up.

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    Overall they are a pretty good diaper. I tried the level 4. They are super thick and very absorbent. They do not have leak guards but I haven't had any serious issues with leaks. My only problem with them is I'm a small guy and for mediums the run a little on the large size for me.

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    I've been wearing the large and they're quite good but make sure you tape up right first time as the tapes are very sticky

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    They're my only daytime diaper. I've been wearing them since they came out and I haven't had any problems. I use the Level 4's
    in size large. They hold a lot and I haven't really had any leaks with them. Plus the price is important when on fixed income versus
    Dry 24/7 or Bambino which I've never used.

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    i have been wanting to try them cause they seem pretty thick but they seem pretty good from what i have read/heard ^-^

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    Never wore them but as everyone proclaims, they hold alot of urine. They are like plain pull-ups but better than depends (what it looks like to me)

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    They're a pretty unique combination of features. NO leak guards, but VERY fast wicking and high capacity, so they rarely leak. (even if you're wary of no leak guards, try them...) VERY soft outer shell plastic, very sticky tapes. (one shot) ALL white with just that faint blue dotprint for a wetness indicator. Even the tapes are all white. Thick. They're also relatively cheap. In many ways one of the best ABDL diapers available.

    For me, the L3's hold a solid two large wettings. I haven't used enough of my L4's to judge capacity, but I've heard it's considerably more.

    Downsides: low durability. They clump quickly even when dry. Very fast when wet. (makes them better suited for overnight) The shell is very thin. I have yet to wear a hole through it with my pants crotch, (glaring at you, Bambino...) but I have poked a hole in my padding on several occasions merely with a fingernail. Poor odor control when wet. (as is the case with most high-pulp diapers)

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    If a Canadian Etailer would carry them, I would give them a try. How do they compare to Abena m4?

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    I've been using them for awhile now...

    Only issue is when lying on side...albeit...only a bit...a couple times...

    That being said...they are a great value...and hold a lot, never had a tape pop yet!

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