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Thread: XP Medical Level 4 vs. ABU? Cushies? Bambinos?

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    Default XP Medical Level 4 vs. ABU? Cushies? Bambinos?

    For my purposes I like my diaper thick as can be. I don't really care about feeling dry, I just want capacity and thickness. I haven't really tried anything ordered online since the 90s, and back then there wasn't nearly as much to choose from. Or at least if there was, I had not found it. I'm definitely interested in something better than the store brand crap that's around me. I don't mind ordering online, but I don't really know where to begin.

    I guess to be concise, I just want something that is thick between the legs and has a lot of capacity. Being discrete is not much of a consideration for me. Plastic backed is a must though! Well, I suppose I could make due with something if I also got plastic pants. But I don't have plastic pants either, so I could use some advice for that too.

    I guess I'm assuming that something disposable would be the best, but I'm open to trying cloth. I've never tried cloth because I've never really known where to begin, and I don't really know about the cleaning and stuff. I also really like the swelling sensation, and I'm not sure if that happens at all with cloth.

    So maybe cloth with a booster? Or one of the brands in my title? Something else? I have never actually used proper boosters before either. I've used baby diapers to function as a booster, but that's all that I've ever tried in the booster department.

    Anyway, I've droned on long enough. What do you people think would be good for my purposes? I don't even need the absolute best, just something that's good will make me happy. Any suggestion is welcomed!

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    I would suggest ordering samples from XP Medical. You can get various brands. Absorbency Plus, Dry24/7, Abena, Tena Maxi
    Slip. These are all plastic backed. This way you don't have to spend a lot money before you settle on what you want.
    I myself wear the Absorbency Plus level 4's. I like the cost of them and the performance of them for my daily wear diaper.

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    The XP Medical level 4 is a pretty thick diaper. Most of the Bambino line is not as thick bit still very absorbent plus they have leak guards. (I have not tried the Belisimos yet so I can't comment on them.) Both companies have some high capacity boosters that will add to the thickness and absorbency. Right now I'm trying the combo of Dry 24/7 small with Total Dry Ultimate Boost Ups. For now I would stay away from ABU products. Many here have had customer service issues with them and there are some members here that say they may be or have been involved with other sites that as a group have been considered at best questionably ethical.

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    Thanks guys, that helps a lot. Good to know about ABU, I had only just heard of them this week. I think I'll give the samples a try and see what I think...

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