ah babysitters, you can quote them, disagree with them but one thing you can't do is change them-s̶t̶e̶v̶e̶ ̶j̶o̶b̶s̶ kitter munk. basically, this thread is about those horrible memories from that babysitters house that was was too i-know-its-1995-but-i-cannot-let-go-of-the-1976-bicentennial-look you know what i mean, the wood paneling, the many kids, the huge rear projection TV playing nickelodeon, the whole dismal 9 yards. basically, here is my story of the depressing babysitters house.

South Bend, Indiana, 19 years ago (GTA V prologue reference much?)
it was a warm summers day on an afternoon back in '95, the birds were chirping , the sun was shinning, but i was in a wood paneled basement with alot of kids, sitting on a leather couch that was stained with juice and sticky. it was depressing, huge projection screen tv playing care bears, bins of toys, and a beaten up old commodore PET 2001 series with a caddy of kids games. it was horrible, it smelled of must and i stepped on DunckaRoos crackers every fifteen minutes, there were juice boxes laying around, action figures laying about and kids, lots and lots of annoying smelly kids. it was hell and i was determined to get out even if it meant getting hit by a car crossing the street. i got up, walked over to a bin of toys, got a toy hammer, and ran to the kid proof gate. kid proof my ass, the thing broke as soon as i hit it, i was surprised and threw the hammer behind me, hitting the wall. i started ascending the stairs, and i snuck out the door undetected, from there i walked the half block to my house and hid in the bushes. i stayed there for about two hours, then my mom came home and i just moseyed on out of the bushes,my mom didnt care and just took me inside.