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Thread: Power Puff Girls Back?

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    Default Power Puff Girls Back?

    Today Cartoon Network is showing a marathon of Power Puff Girls episodes and are showing a new episode tonight to comemorate the 10th anavercery of the show.

    Could this be a sign that they're bringing the show back?

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    Whoa, I haven't seen that show in ages...

    Hmm... It might be cool if it came back. And I think maybe it's a sign that it'll have like, a few shows, not once a day or anything.

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    during 1999, I think they introduced the PPG (power puff girls). to Cartoon Network, or at least in the UK. I know this because this is when we moved to Germany to Barracks to out of barracks. During living in the barracks, we had no Sky (satelite TV) which is how we got CN. I have a friend who had a sky box in his room picking up the free channels CN being one of them at the time. I noticed he watched the PPG allot and commented it was a girly program, on the logic that its based around girl heros. And was upset as they introduced new shows and got rid/moved the time scheduling of other programmes. Ed Edd and Eddy was the only new show that I really liked at the time.

    8-9 years from that? They are just cycling through one after another. They do it say 3-4 years ish. I think they are re making new episopes based around the characters but slightly different stories, voice overs and animation like they did with Dexters Labrotory. I used to love that show.

    Heck, I download the whole first season of PPGZ, a japanese anime version last year. I couldn't bear watching it any longer after the 3rd episode. Although a few of my friends who had nothing interesting to do with their time just watched it on my laptop.

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    I've seen PPGZ and I thought it was tipical of the Japanese, because they made that show look like the girls needed some sort of belt to get their powers when in the american version they have them natraly.

    I just find it funny that the targeted group of people they are trying to reach, I asume 8-9 year olds have never even seen the show. Maybe they are just showing this to see if 9-10 yr old kids like the show and if they do they will bring it back.

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    I'm pretty sure it's just a sign that it's the show's 10th anniversary. They're also releasing the complete series on DVD. I doubt it's much more than that, but I guess if there's a big enough response to it, they might consider bringing it back... I wouldn't count on it, though.

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    I loved this show!

    I used to watch it with my sister and my dad (oh yes!) when we were younger.

    I still enjoy them now.

    As for it coming back... I think making anniversary specials is quite a typical thing to do, so I wouldn't get your hopes up.

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    I think the new episode is only for the anniversary...I'm going to try to remember to watch it though...I want to see the movie again too, because I liked that...

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    I love Power Puff Girls! I used to watch them all the time, and had a whole bunch of PPG Merch. Oh yess.

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    Fuck it, I'll admit it. This show kicks ass. What's more painful than getting your ass kicked by little girls? Nothing, thats what.

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    Please, no. I think that time tells us that bringing back an old show, drawn in a different style, under new management is always TERRIBLE and makes you wish you never knew either side.

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