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Thread: Any experience with underpads?

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    Default Any experience with underpads?

    I'm thinking of order a case of underpads for bed wetting and leaky diapers. I'm to how well they can absorb/hold, what do they feel like, and it they are loud and rustle/crinkle.

    Medium Premium Underpads 23x24 - Case of 200 - SR124BULK [SR124BULK] - $50.00 : Secure Personal Care

    Also, anyone have experience with them?

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    My grandmother has some of these....

    I know she used them in case her diaper leaked at night.

    When I took 2 I used them as stuffing for my diaper.... It did make it bigger, but not very comfortable.

    So not much to say, but at 25 cents a piece I don't think its worth it. If you did get them, I would get a smaller package.

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    I've tried some before, the only real use for them is to protect your bedding/furniture in the event your diaper were to leak. I can't imagine using one for any other reason. In the respect of protecting bedding, I'd say that they are so-so, if you are prone to moving around a lot in your sleep then they could move around and be ineffective.

    From what I remember, they are plastic backed and a bit crinkly.

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    Say if I were to make a light/medium wetting onto the pad in regular underwear - would it hold it?

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    These have a limited usefulness, as Ace pointed out. If you want protection for sheets, I've found that Medline, washable bed pads work the best (there are other brands). They are about 36" X 36" cloth that is plastic lined (waterproof). They will last for years if properly cared for.
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    Like I said, I am also interested in having the pad in case of light bed wetting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lantis View Post
    Say if I were to make a light/medium wetting onto the pad in regular underwear - would it hold it?
    Most likely yes.

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    Underpads are pretty much exactly what the name implies. Yes, if you were to wet in underwear, an underpad would likely contain it. Underpads don't absorb like a diaper, though. They're only padding, they don't have SAP gel.
    Additionally, I would see about getting underpads from eBay. $50 for a case is crazy. eBay has them much cheaper. Also, I reccomend getting a larger size. 23x36 is the standard size, and I wouldn't really want anything smaller, especially for use on your bed. They make much larger sizes, even some with wings that tuck under the mattress, but they can get pretty expensive.

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    Reuasabes work well, but you to remember that on a bed, aany fluid is going to flow toward the lowest point and then move outward as that area is saturated. For that reason, definitely get a large size. If you're worried about the pad slipping around, look at the reusable kind. I have a couple, and they stay in place pretty well. The waterproofing is much stiffer on the underside and has a texture to it that keeps it from moving around (for the most part). If you toss and turn, the pad is moving regardless, something also ameliorated but not eliminated by a larger pad. If it really becomes an issue, you can glue a piece of friction material to the underside. This material is what you find on the edges of tile stairways in many schools, hospitals, public building, etc. It is black and has a rubberized quality with a rough texture, as though sand paper was covered in liquid rubber. You can buy this stuff in any hardware store. It can get wet, but I'd try a sample before putting in the dryer on a medium or high temperature. But reusable pads are relatively thin, so they air dry very quickly. Just don't wash them in hot water.

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