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Thread: Changing at night

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    Default Changing at night

    Hi, I'm new to the forums

    Basically I used to wet the bed when I was younger and wore drynites until it slowed right down (around age 12). Since then I seemed to wet the bed a few times each year up until age 16. I met a girl 2 years ago whilst at uni and I think it must have been the crazy stress of third year which caused me to start wetting the bed again. As I used to wear drynites and I've never tried anything else, I told my girlfriend they could be the best way to handle the problem as I thought the adult nappies looked a bit grannyish. Was quite awkward at first as she stays over most nights! So I've been wearing these on one off now for the past 6 months, although it seems to have almost stopped now I've finished uni (hence me thinking it is stress related). Not sure why I didn't check out forums for guidance before but the main reason was for changing at night.. if I wet the bed and wake up (which I normally do straight away) then I get up and change into another pair of drynites straight away as we've said its not nice when we wake up in the morning and hug and stuff if I'm still wet down there. Is it standard to change after wetting? As I get through double the amount of drynites! Thanks

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    I also wear goodnight's aka Drynites and still wet the bed I don't wake up when I wet I just stay asleep but if I were you

    I would just leave it on if it gets to full then change maybe get some tranquility I herd they were good don't forget to have all the essential's to keep clean down there

    baby powder / lotion / wipes /

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    I would certainly change if there were an overflow possibility. I have also changed for privacy. I generally just increase my padding amount so I can skip changing. So if it works to remove it as soon as you wake up, I'd try that. If privacy or rash become an issue then night time change would be needed.

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    Judging by how little Drynites hold (especially for adults), changing after you wet might still actually be your best bet.

    It's only ever the standard to go through two a night if you're quite a heavy wetter, but based off the fact that you use Drynites, I'm going to assume that that won't apply to you.

    If you're sick of going through two a night though then definitely look into something actually meant for someone your age. They may not actually be as bad as you think! Plus you'll be able to sleep through the night comfortably

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    I wear goodnites, usually wake up right after an accident (sometimes during), usually I change right away, though sometimes (like last night) I dont bother and just go back to sleep. its rare I have two accidents in one night. now if I wake up in the morning in a wet diaper and have to pee ill sometimes use the diaper if it does not feel very full.

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    Quote Originally Posted by england View Post
    Hi, I'm new to the forums

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by JenniferInGoodnites View Post
    I wear goodnites.
    Welcome to you both! As you can see, this is a support community and we like to know our members interests other than when they are not padded. What other interests/hobbies do you enjoy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by england View Post
    Hi, I'm new to the forums
    Hi and welcome. In answer to your question, I think that your and your girlfriend's comfort are the most important thing here. Saving cash on fewer drynites is not that important in comparison. So, if you wake up and want to change, go ahead. Ditto if you or she are not comfortable dealing with you being wet in the morning.

    You do have an alternative of getting better quality diapers and sleeping through the night with less worry, if you'd prefer that.

    It also sounds like your trouble is easing up a bit, but if it continues intermittently, I'd definitely recommend a waterproof mattress protector as well. Any brand of diaper can leak at some point.

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    I'd suggest changing after wetting as you have been. No one likes to wake up and find out their sheets are soaked, which can happen even if the SAP absorbs it, given the right circumstances (Press-out, or direct contact with the bed.)

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    Cheers guys, think I might stick with the way things are for now, I suppose trying a different brand wouldn't do much harm if they would mean not having to get up and change at night though. Just need to find another shop as the boots I go to only has drynites and boots own brand adult nappies. There has been a couple of occasions when the mattress has got a little bit wet whilst wearing them but I thought that was just the way I was lying.. I'm kind of used to having to change the sheets though as my technique is that when I wet the bed wearing normal underwear, I'll then wear drynites for 3-4 days as it usually happens within that time, but if it happens on the 3rd night then I'll wear them for another 3-4 days and so on. It could be a few weeks until it happens again so I don't think its necessary to wear them every night.

    Oh and my hobbies are watching good movies, golf, and hitting the gym.

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    Two of those are hobbies of mine as well. The third ought to be. :P

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